9 Best Pregnancy Movies

| Mar 15, 2010 Pregnancy

  • She's Having a Baby

    She's Having a Baby

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    John Hughes graduates from his trademark high school films, and directs this movie about a young newlywed couple who try to cope with the expectations of marriage.

    Memorable quote:

    Kristy: I can get pregnant.
    Jake: Well, if you can get pregnant, then why aren't you pregnant?
    Kristy: Because you can't get me pregnant.

  • For Keeps

    For Keeps

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    Darcy and her boyfriend Stan high school school seniors on the college path, when Darcy gets pregnant. They decide to keep the baby, much against their parents' wishes. They get married and move into a tiny run-down apartment, and struggle with keeping together their new family.

    Memorable quote:

    Darcy: I tried on my dress for the prom; I look like a Thanksgiving Day float. I'm also itchy everywhere, my ankles are fat, there's something hanging out of my butt, the article's not going well, and now I have to get a haircut.
    Stan: There's something hanging out of your what?
    Darcy: Well, when you're pregnant, sometimes you get hemorroids, okay?

    Stan: Bummer.

  • Father of the Bride Part II

    Father of the Bride Part II

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    Poor George Banks, he doesn't do well with change. In the sequel to Father of the Bride, he learns he's about to be a grandpa. And have another child of his own. Yikes.

    Memorable quote:

    George Banks: Now, going to the movies, that'll be economical: one child, two seniors, thanks.

  • Nine Months

    Nine Months

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    Samuel Faulkner's life is perfect, until he finds out his girlfriend is pregnant. Dealing with children every day as a child psychiatrist, he's less than thrilled to find out he's going to be a dad. They break up, and he takes a stab at singledom, but when he sees his unborn child on the ultrasound, he changes his ways.

    Memorable quotes:

    Gail Dwyver: I hate you! You did this to me you miserable piece of ****-brained, horse***, slime-sucking son of a whore *****!
    Marty: That's perfect! I got it all on film, the kids will love it!

  • Where the Heart Is

    Where the heart is

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    Novalee Nation is a pregnant 17-year-old who's abandoned by her boyfriend in a Walmart store in Oklahoma on the way to California. She has no job, no skills, and only $5.55 in her pocket, so she secretly lives in the store until her daughter, Americus, is born six weeks later. Novalee decides to raise her daughter and rebuild her life in Oklahoma, with the help of eccentric but kind strangers.

    Memorable quote:

    Mama Lil: You got a man?
    Novalee Nation: No.
    Mama Lil: Then where is the prick who put you in this mess?
    Novalee Nation: California.
    Mama Lil: That figures. All the pricks move to California. They oughta call it Prickafornia.

  • Waitress


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    Keri Russell plays Jenna, a waitress trapped in an unhappy marriage working at Joe's Pie Diner, where she works through her misery making scrumptious pies. She finds out she's pregnant, at the same time she developing a thing for her handsome gynecologist, and life takes a sudden turn.

    Memorable quote:

    Jenna: Dear Baby, I hope someday somebody wants to hold you for 20 minutes straight and that's all they do. They don't pull away. They don't look at your face. They don't try to kiss you. All they do is wrap you up in their arms and hold on tight, without an ounce of selfishness in it.

  • Juno


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    Quirky teen Juno McDuff ends up getting pregnant from her one-time sexual escapade with her best friend, Paulie Bleeker. She decides to give the baby up for adoption to the (seemingly) picture-perfect couple, Mark and Vanessa.

    Memorable quote:

    Juno: [yelling through the house] Dad?
    Mac MacGuff: What?
    Juno: Either I just peed my pants or, um ...
    Mac MacGuff: Or... ?

  • Knocked Up

    Knocked Up

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    A one-night stand turns into a pregnancy for stoner Ben and career-oriented Alison. Needless to say, their opposing choices of lifestyle causes a rift throughout the next nine months.

    Memorable quote:

    Alison: [discussing her pregnancy with her mother] I don't have to tell them right away, I'm only gonna start to show when I'm like six months or something like that.

    Alison's Mom: 3 months.
    Alison: No way.
    Alison's Mom: Fat in the face, jowls, fat ass.
    Alison: Debbie didn't get fat.
    Alison's Mom: Debbie is a freak of nature.

  • Baby Mama

    Baby Mama

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    Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are hilarious in this comedy about a successful, single businesswoman (Fey) who finds out she's infertile. She hires an clueless, working class woman (Poehler) to be her surrogate.

    Memorable quote:

    Kate: [about being a surrogate] Have you done this before?
    Angie: No, but I know I'm good at getting pregnant.

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