Christian Siriano Has a Maternal Moment

Christian Siriano hoodie; $69

I was as surprised as anyone when I heard wild child Christian Siriano, winner of Season 4 of Project Runway, was going to design a maternity line for Moody Mamas.

Missed the show? Here's my recap: For such a young 'un (21 at the time), he had a deep knowledge of fashion history and had insisted on training with the best designers in London before getting cast on the show, and he won week after week with designs like a pleather zoot suit and a skin-tight Prince-style uniform thingy. Just take a look at his runway shows. Cwazy!

So what would he come up with for pregonlinas like me? I tried to imagine his most "ferosha coutura" creations on my ever-enlarging frame, and, um -- I had to apply lanolin to my eyes just to erase the image.


Good news: The boy knows how to adjust his fashions for the gestating set! Look beneath the edginess of his designs, and you can see he learned more than just "how to shock" from studying fashion history.

He incorporates fun details other designers don't think of, and also uses fashion techniques like ruching in ways that flatter and celebrate us where we are most ... expansive. So while it'd be fun to envision myself in slinky ruched silver lame, I can actually put myself in one of his faboo creations and look, well, somewhat fierce.

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