Baby Name of the Day: Jillian

My Jillian. Photo by Jeanne Sager

When we were debating "girl names," I could hear my friend Jill in the back of my mind. She always told me she hated her name. If she could go back and tell her parents how to do it over, she would ask to be a Jillian.

And there it was, the name of our new daughter. Not incredibly popular -- the Baby Name Finder ranks it number 175 in the U.S. -- it's feminine but strong.


You see a Jillian running the Biggest Losers until they can't run anymore. You see a Gillian (more common in Britain) busting aliens and the supernatural.

Meaning "Jove's child," it's a feminine form of the boy's Julian, so if you get a surprise in the delivery room, it's easy to change over!

Do you know any Jillians?

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