Beautiful Belly Shots With a Cheap Camera

belly shot
Photo by -nico
Many of you may not have SLR (single lens reflex) cameras to take amazing belly shots like the one above by professional photographer Nico, a CafeMom user. 

So she gives some tricks for the best shots using a standard point-and-shoot:

  • Shoot indoor shots during the day to avoid the flash. Natural light looks so much better than artificial light
  • Shooting outside,at a park, the beach, etc. always make for beautiful photos because of the scenery
  • The best time of the day to shoot outside are dawn and dusk, when the sun shines softly and gives photos a nice coloring
  • Show off your belly. Lift your top a bit and be proud of your baby's home
  • Avoid heavy patterns in clothing as they will hide the shape of your belly
  • Light colors work better at contouring the shape of the belly
  • Make your belly stand out: put one hand on the top of the bump and one hand at the bottom
  • Play with angles: the subject does not always have to face the camera.Move around, show your profile, and have the photographer (hubby, daughter, sister, etc) move around as well 
  • Play with editing -- make photos black and white, enhance the color, make them sepia. A good and easy (and free!) program is

The main rule is to have fun and feel the love for your baby, which will come across in the pictures!

Click here for more of Nico's incredible maternity portfolio.

Are you taking lots of belly shots during your pregnancy?

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