Kendra Wilkinson Bares Her Stretch Marks

sharpie marker drawing a line

Not long ago, Kendra Wilkinson (who is breastfeeding) said her boobs are too big and she wants a breast reduction. Hopefully someone sat her down since then and explained that's what lactation does to a gal, uh, temporarily.

Poor Kendra is having a hard time accepting her post-pregnancy body. Now, in a recent episode of her reality show, Kendra lifted up her shirt to show hubs Hank Baskett her stretch marks. (Watch Kendra lifting her shirt at US Weekly.)

Well, she exposes then covers her little belly so fast I didn't see any stretch marks. I believe her when she says they're there, and even though I'm sure I have very little in common with Kendra, I understand her being bummed that her body's not what it used to be.


I pay way too much attention to my skin, and that didn't change a bit during pregnancy. I noticed every little discoloration, spot, and wrinkle, so of course the big changes really freaked me out a little, like the linea negra. You know, that thing that looks like someone took a blunt-point Sharpie and drew a line from the tip of your tummy to your pubic area?

Oh, boy, did I read up on that. To make sure it would go away after, which it does. Before you're pregnant, it's called the linea alba. It's like a fibrous tendon that extends through your abdomen. When your pregnant, the hormones sort of color it in.

Just like Kendra's super big breasts, it's not permanent. It fades a few months after birth. Yup ... lifting my shirt right now ... looking at my tummy ... no trace of any Sharpie ever being there.

When Kendra lifts her shirt for Hank in that video, you can see her linea negra. I wonder if that's what she's going to become obsessed with next. If so, I'd be glad to set her at ease. Hope she knows where to find me.

How do you feel about your pregnant body?

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