Pregnancy Calendar: Week 6

baby cupcakesSay hi to Margaret*! She's expecting her first baby November 5, 2010, and is sharing the week-by-week experience with us.

A little about her ...

"I am Margaret*, a scholar, writer and editor who finds great joy in sharing my knowledge with others. I have a lot of experience with kids -- the "grown-up" kind. Teaching college has taught me a lot about human nature. Mostly, people are good and kind, trying to make their way to love and safety. Being an educator has also taught me to know when to laugh at yourself or at a perplexing life moment."

What she does:

"I also support and act on behalf of many causes; these include championing human rights for all people, caring for our environment, and supporting women's issues. I also recognize the importance of self-examination and expansion through meditation. I practice Vipassanna meditation, although I believe one can reach enlightenment through any means."


Where she came from:

"On my mother's side, we came from Ireland to Oklahoma in the infamous land rush. My father's people were sharecroppers in Georgia. From these humble beginnings, my family supported education, agriculture, and horticulture. I am the first child to hold advanced degrees. I am married to a Polish American. His family came to this country 33 years ago, seeking shelter from oppression. A noted producer and director, my husband is rather artistic."

About her pregnancy:

"Our pregnancy has been long-awaited. Married four years, together for ten, we chose to grow up a bit before embarking on parenthood. I took a pregnancy test at three weeks, and it was positive! Thus far, I feel great. I am very excited to have a child join our family. So far, our baby has made me quite dizzy and at times, nauseous. I continue to exercise and eat well, goals I committed to prior to pregnancy. I am finding it amazing how much less I can exercise; my heart rate shoots up easily. I monitor it while exercising and find it helps me tone it down."

"Right now, I feel very protective of this new life. At first, I wanted to tell everyone our great news. I no longer feel that way. I want our baby to have as much privacy as possible to get cozy and settled in. Our family and closest friends know, but everyone else is off-list for as long as possible."

What she's feeling:

"The most interesting development is my love for pickles. I loved them before pregnancy and now really enjoy them. Which is great because my Polish family are pickle people. Cliché? Yes, and I don't care. Nothing else I really love to eat is appealing to me, which is a bummer. It doesn't matter though; I'm happy for our baby and glad to be the vessel."


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* Name changed to protect privacy

Image via theinvinciblemom/ Flickr

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