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    Jill Duggar (oops Jill Dillard ... we will get there) is one decisive young woman. She dropped baby bombshell news just two months after saying "I do" to Derick Dillard (where they shared their first kiss in front of an intimate crowd of 1,000 people). Now she's telling us how she will deliver her first born: Jill Duggar is planning a home birth.

    If you've watched 19 Kids & Counting, you probably know there's no 23-year-old more qualified to make such an important decision so quickly. Girlfriend is a trained midwife who has delivered more than 70 babies already in the US and abroad. And let's not forget she's one of the oldest of 19 siblings in Duggarland. Unlike many first-time moms, she knows what to expect now that she's expecting.

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    There's no shortage of advice for moms-to-be about nutrition, morning sickness, best strollers, pregnancy milestones ... even the hottest sex positions are readily discussed. What’s not addressed much during such a joyous time is the impact pregnancy and motherhood can have on your job.  

    Phoebe Taubman is trying to change that. She's one of three authors behind the book Babygate: What You Really Need to Know About Pregnancy and Parenting in the American Workplace -- in which three legal experts share practical tips, real-life stories from parents, and legal information to highlight the protections families do and don’t have in the workplace. Taubman wrote the book to help moms. But she also did it to make people angry. Really angry.

    The Stir spoke with her about what moms need to know about parenting on the job ... and why she wants to "incite rage" in moms.

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    Zoe Saldana is catching some heat for her ALS ice bucket challenge video. Instead of doing it herself, she enlisted her husband ... and turned to the side to reveal the reason why: Zoe Saldana has a baby bump.

    The Guardians of the Galaxy actress finally acknowledged she's preggers after months of speculation. Great delivery using the ALS ice bucket challenge video to announce her big news, but her message may confuse some pregnant women.

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    If you're trying for a baby, you've probably hit your local pharmacy for a prenatal vitamin. Most OB/GYNs will tell women to start taking these supplements as many as one to three months before they're even pregnant! But which one do you choose? And are they even necessary?

    "I do believe in a high-quality prenatal vitamin for every woman trying to build her family," says reproductive endocrinologist Dr. Josh Hurwitz with Reproductive Endocrinology at Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut. The fact of the matter is that, try as we might, most of us don't get all of the essential nutrients out of our everyday diets, let alone all of the must-haves for a healthy pregnancy, so it's best to take a supplement.

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    Jill Duggar Is Having a Baby!

    posted by Jodi Meltzer Wednesday at 10:53 AM in Pregnancy
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    If you blinked, you may have missed Jill Duggar (now Dillard) and Derick Dillard's courtship. They met, traveled through Nepal with Jill's dad Jim Bob in tow, got engaged, and married in a nanosecond. And now Jill Duggar is pregnant!

    Word has it, after taking several negative pregnancy tests, Jill's sisters convinced her to take just one more at her parents' house. Her mom, Michelle, has 19 Kids & CountingWho wouldn't want all that baby juju floating around while waiting for results? Whatever it was, it worked: Jill was elated when she finally got her positive pregnancy test.

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    Maybe you're able to disguise that burgeoning belly for the first few months, but once it really pops, there's really no way to hide the pregnancy. In fact, it's time to embrace it! And that's exactly what Bachelorette Ashley Hebert is doing now that she's verging on her seventh month.

    Girl is inching closer and closer to her due date and is at that point in the pregnancy where the shirts are fitting just a liiiiittle extra snug ... and coming up a wee bit short. And her pregnancy fashions are totally inspiring to all moms-to-be because Ashley is completely unafraid to show off that belly. Look at the proud lady:

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    When you're pregnant, a whole new part of the English language opens up. Suddenly you're obsessed with placentas, trimesters, and sussing out whether you should go with a sonogram or an amniocentesis to determine baby's gender. And then you hit the ninth month of your pregnancy, and a new term pops up: cervical dilation.

    It refers to the opening of the cervix, the part of the body that separates the uterus from the vagina, and according to Dr. Robert Atlas, an OB/GYN at Mercy Medical Center in Maryland, dilating is part of the body's way of getting ready for delivery.

    "As you get closer to term, the body knows to start contracting and opening of the cervix begins," he explains.

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    I had a premonition I was going to have a difficult time giving birth. No worries … I am not going to go all voodoo on you or anything, but I had a primal fear, a gut feeling that it would be a cliffhanger. A few weeks before my due date, I made the decision to have my tubes tied if I wound up with a C-section.

    Big deal, right? Lots of women get their tubes tied. But it was a bold choice for me because I was pregnant with my first child. I’d be a one and done mom. My son wouldn’t have a sibling close in age. They wouldn’t build forts, tease each other, plot mayhem behind my back, double-team me with kisses, walk home from the school bus stop, fight with each other on family trips, or fall asleep together on the couch after a playful day at the beach. But he would have me, and I decided that was most important.

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    There are quite literally thousands of baby name options in the world. For expecting parents, finding the perfect baby name is an entire process, complete with lists, rounds, and finalists. But even though you'll go through the trouble to pick the first name, how much thought do you actually give to the baby's last name? Well, it turns out that your options may be a little more limited when it comes to the surname. In Tennessee, for instance, the attorney general has come out to say that parents have three options for a baby's last name: mom's, dad's, or both.

    So if you were thinking of creating a fun hybrid with the parents' names, no such luck. It turns out that your freedom with surnames is actually really restricted.

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    Pregnant moms: It's time to break your caffeine addiction. A new study shows that drinking coffee while pregnant is "significantly associated" with childhood leukemia.

    The study, published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, claims the leukemia risk increases by up to 72 percent for kids with moms who drink high levels of caffeine compared to those who drink little or none. High levels of caffeine are classified as more than two cups per day (over 200 milligrams).

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