10 Jobs Where You Shouldn't Bring Your Kids to Work

airplane runwayAn air traffic controller was just suspended for letting his 7-year old son give flight departure instructions to a pilot leaving JFK Airport (listen to the tape)! Now the controller and his supervisor could face losing their jobs.

There are simply some jobs where you cannot bring your child to work.


Here's a list of some other work scenarios where it's probably better if kids are kept off the scene.

10 Jobs Where You Shouldn't Bring Your Kids to Work

  1. Brain Surgeon: "Sally, how many times does Mommy have to tell you? No running in the O/R with a scalpel."
  2. OB/Gyn: "Yes, Mrs. Turner, you're about two centimeters dilated. Could be any day now. Hold on... Son, let's try to keep your big eyes on your little book, okay?"
  3. Secret Service Agent: "Okay, he's walking. I got an eye on him. Walking, walking, walking, a little close to the crowd, a little close to the crowd, keep it movin', keep it movin', wave, wave, wave...awww, look at him waving like such a big boy... Oh, uh, oh shoot, I'm supposed to be watching Mr. President."
  4. School Principal: "You see, Mrs. Smith, we don't look kindly on bad behavior at this school. Excuse me for a moment...Jimmy! Get down off Mama's flagpole right now!"
  5. Police Officer: (singing to daughter...) "The bad guys in the bank are goin' down, down, down. Down, down, down..."
  6. Librarian: "Honey, today we're going to play the Quiet Game ALL day long, okay?"
  7. Bartender: "Yes, Bobby, it is Mr. Brown's *nap* time. That's right."
  8. Archaeologist: "Jenny, when you say you skipped one of the extremely rare 10,000-year-old stone tools across the river, what exactly do you mean?"
  9. Professional Ball Player: "Okay, Freddie, when Daddy says GO, you stay right with me. We're gonna run like the dickens to second base."
  10. Car Dealer: "See, Mrs. Sanders, when your kids are being bad in the backseat, you can just reach right back and shake them just like this."

If any of these are your professions, remember to "just say no" on April 22nd, Bring Your Child to Work Day. Or also if you're, um, an air traffic controller. Got it?

What are some other jobs where you just can't bring your child to work?

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