Obama Smokes, Has High Cholesterol...Is It Our Business?

president obama

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I was surprised to read this week that President Obama has borderline high cholesterol and still smokes. (Seriously, he hasn't quit already?)

But I was even more surprised that I was reading about it in the first place! That a president's medical information—blood pressure, cholesterol, heart rate, and doctors' recommendations—is so readily available to the public never fails to astound me.

Is nothing about this man private?


On the one hand, I absolutely understand that many people feel it is their right to know whether or not their elected leader is fit for duty.

And, yet, some of this information is sooooo specific. Like the fact that he enjoys the occasional burger. Or, messes up sometimes and has a cigarette.

Who among us doesn't have the occasional "mess-up"? I would die of embarrassment if mine were to go public.

Is this the price President Obama (or any president) pays for being a public figure?

Do you like knowing the specifics about Presidents Obama's smoking habits, cholesterol, etc.? Or do you think this some medical information should be more private?

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