Twitter Is Roasting This Man Who Said Parents Aren't Teaching Their Daughters to Say 'No' the 'Right Way' Dimitrov

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If there's one thing moms love to hear, it's a childless man explaining how to raise daughters -- amirite, ladies? That's why when a Slate reporter recently tried to tell parents to teach kids about consent by instructing their daughters to firmly say "no" -- because "men sense women's willingness to yield" -- the Internet was appalled by this gross choice of words.

  • The controversy started when writer Will Saletan sent out a tweet he thought was a comment on what makes a "strong" woman.

    The tweet was in response to a viral video of Representative Maxine Waters firmly shutting down comments made by Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin during a hearing on Thursday. Saletan intended to make a poignant connection between Waters's firm tone with Mnuchin and the broader issue of consent, but his tweet was a complete misfire.

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  • The tweet drew sharp criticism because, as many pointed out, it shouldn't matter how women say it; no should always mean no.

  • It didn't take long for people to start tweeting out their own "advice" for talking about consent, including that it's a lesson for girls AND boys.

  • Even with the criticism, Saletan did not back down from his initial tweet.

    Instead, he doubled down on his argument and insisted that women and girls must ultimately be the ones who stop sexual assault.

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  • Pssst, Will, we already do that and it doesn't work.

  • As one person wrote, being assertive is not the issue.

    The issue is that we keep making the "correct procedure" that women have to perform in order to "protect themselves" more and more elaborate. We shouldn't be shaming our daughters about not being firm enough; we should be telling them -- and our sons -- that they are entitled to respect.

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