Nothing Says Happy Mother's Day Like This Creepy AF Skittles Ad

mom skittles adSkittles USA/YouTubeThere's just something about holidays that brings out the idiot in some American companies, and it seems Mother's Day is that holiday for the folks at Skittles. The candy that's long had us tasting the rainbow will probably have people opting to just get Mom some flowers this weekend instead. The problem? This Skittles Mother's Day commercial, dubbed "umbilical," that the company uploaded to YouTube. You see where this is going already, don't you?


What's so creepy about it?

Where do we begin? It all starts out innocently enough with a woman pouring Skittles into her hand, as one does. Then the camera shows a man -- sitting in what appears to be a living room that hasn't seen a decorator since the '70s -- naming flavors of the candy. 

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Despite all the harvest gold in the place, everything seems to be going somewhere normal enough, and then blam-o. This happens:

Skittles Mother's Day ad
Skittles USA/YouTube

Ah, yes, nothing says "Happy Mother's Day" like picking on old stereotypes that moms don't know how to cut the cord from their sons.

Because that thing running from Mom's vagina to her grown son's belly button is exactly what it looks like ... or rather doesn't look like. 

Real umbilical cords get pretty white and blah-looking a bit after birth, even if Mom opts for the increasingly popular procedure known as delayed cord clamping (that's another article ... but it's pretty fascinating). Then again, no one in the history of the world actually wants to stay yoked to her baby much more than a few hours past birth. No, really -- no one. Even helicopter mamas like to pee in peace ... at least once their toddlers are locked in their padded rooms, and the video monitor is turned on. But moving on.

The look of the thing is weird. The fact that a mother is still attached to her grown child and apparently feeds him through a tube that hangs out of her vagina is ... well, you saw the image. 

And yet, it all manages to get even creepier!

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There's the very Oedipal eye gazing between mother and son:

Skittles umbilical cord commercial
Skittles USA/YouTube

And some truly creepy mother/son laughter that reminds us of something out of a serial killer movie. 

And then there's Sonny boy's sudden declaration, "I miss Dad," just before an announcer cuts in urging you to "cut the rainbow, taste the rainbow."

Wait, what happened to Dad? Did they eat Dad? Did he taste like lemon? Or was he orange? Is that why that poor dog looks so terrified?

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Not to mention the entire premise of the commercial is flawed ... every good mom knows that when you get some candy you like, you go hide in the closet to eat it precisely so you don't have to share it with your kid! 

Which is what we're going to do ... with some M&Ms. 

If you want to see the scary Skittles commercial for yourself, here you go ... but don't say we didn't warn you.


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