This 'BBC Dad' Parody Proves Moms Are the Ones Who Hold Sh*t Together

BBC Parody
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Benjamin Franklin once said, "If you want something done, ask a busy person." I like to say, "If you want something done, ask a busy woman -- or, better yet, a busy mom." Why? Because the more you have to do, the better you get at managing your time and juggling plenty of moving parts, and few people have more to do than mothers. Nothing illustrates the abilities of diaper-bag-carrying, pacifier-wielding moms better than this parody of the viral "BBC dad" who was interrupted by his kids during a live interview.


In this hilarious send-up, which has gone viral much like its funny-for-different-reasons predecessor, we see a mom interrupted during a live interview, and not only does she nail the task at hand, but she also simultaneously comforts her children, cooks a roast, cleans a toilet, and diffuses a bomb (and like a boss, we might add).

It's so funny because it's so damn accurate. Take a look and prepare to cry tears of joy. 

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No one gets stuff done like the multitasking ninjas that women are expected to be -- and even more so once they have kids. I love this woman because I've been this woman. There have been occasions where I've asked for complete silence before taking the most important call of my life, and someone -- the kids or hubs -- will still seek me out because I am the ONLY person who knows where the batteries are kept. And even though that phone is cradled between my ear and shoulder as I type notes and sew a crucial button back onto a pirate costume, that person will belt out "Do we have any 9-volts??" as if I were sipping iced tea on a front porch on a Sunday afternoon, with not a care in the world.

Or, I could be driving to an event or an interview and I will have to pull over and talk the family through how to find a scooter in the shed or how to cope when (heaven forbid!) a baseball cleat has gone missing.  

Now, in case you forgot (but, really, how could you?), here's how dad Robert Kelly handled his interruption:

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Whereas this dad's reaction is to close his eyes in a mix of shame and disbelief, a mom is more like "All in a day's work!" and carries on like the champ she is. 

Love my husband as I do, I will say that multitasking does not seem to be in his DNA (as he'll readily admit). If I ask him to do three things, he'll immediately say, "Wait, wait, wait, you need to write this down for me!" He's so flummoxed he can't even put pen to paper himself! Clearly, he's not alone. 

With this in mind, I always find it mind-boggling when women, especially moms, get passed over for promotions or earn less than their male counterparts. Seriously, if I had a company, I'd want the lady with four kids -- who's simultaneously running her household, volunteering on the PTA, coaching a soccer team, coordinating a fund-raiser, and organizing a meal train for a fellow mom in need -- at the helm. Why? Because she's going to get it all done. She cares and she's accountable.

Do I want the dad who gets flustered by vomit to be the one walking potential clients through a presentation? Not so much. 

Still, in follow-up interviews, Kelly proves that while he's very much in the thick of it parenting-wise -- quipping "This is my life, man!" -- he hasn't lost his sense of humor or appreciation for his wife. 

"My wife deserves a medal for taking cafe of us and taking care of our family," Kelly told the BBC interviewer who was part of the now-famous broadcast in a subsequent sit-down.

Amen, Rob!

Of course, we feel for Kelly, whose interview became the center of so much attention for all the wrong reasons. But this parody shows why women and moms are who you really want working for you when a curveball comes your way. 

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