10-Year-Old's Note Explaining Why She's 'Striking' From School Is Brilliant

little girl's letter about A Day Without a Woman
Anyone who wants to question whether the future really is female may want to read this 10-year-old's absence note for A Day Without a Woman. Worded eloquently (and with excellent penmanship), the letter is one she wrote herself.


On Monday, two days ahead of International Women's Day and the subsequent A Day Without a Woman protest, Laura Moreschi had a proud mom moment on Twitter, sharing the letter her daughter wrote to her school principal.

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"Talking at dinner last night about civic engagement and my 10 year old wrote this letter to her principal. #DayWithoutAWomen," Moreschi posted.

girl's letter A Day Without a Woman

The letter is worded so perfectly we're hard-pressed to call this girl an activist-in-the-making, because it's apparent that she already knows her stuff. Not only did she clearly explain why she wanted to participate in the protest, but she also pointed out how she'll be spending the day. Contacting Congress and voicing her beliefs is hardly taking the day off from school, but rather using it as an educational opportunity.

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Not to be outdone, Moreschi's 7-year-old daughter is participating as well.


Strong, responsible, opinionated, and action-oriented young women? The future is looking bright after all.

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