Teachers Explain Exactly Why Betsy DeVos Would Be a Disaster for Our Kids


Many of Donald Trump's cabinet picks have drawn ire from the public, but one who is under particular scrutiny from parents, teachers, and lawmakers is Betsy DeVos, a billionaire who has absolutely no experience with public education (personally or professionally). Not only did she prove she lacks knowledge of basic concepts (the difference between student growth and proficiency or the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act) at her January 17 confirmation hearing -- but as a fervent school choice advocate, she helped privatize Michigan's education system so that taxpayer money can be diverted to charter and private schools, to the detriment of the public system. The results unfortunately speak for themselves (see after the jump) -- and this, among other issues, is a concern for many public school teachers across the country.


"DeVos's track record in Michigan, where she spent over a million dollars in lobbying and donations, is pretty abysmal," explains Rachel Nobel Fields, writer at the United Federation of Teachers and former New York City elementary school teacher. "Eighty-five percent of the charter schools in Detroit are run by for-profit corporations, and they are not performing well in educating kids. Meanwhile, all the competition among schools for funding is siphoning away money from public schools -- so everybody loses."

Here, public school teachers, who are also parents, tell CafeMom how DeVos and her positions would impact their students' education and their own ability to effectively teach our kids. While some teachers preferred to remain anonymous, they were all quick to provide their input. And, spoiler alert: Not one approved of her appointment.

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