Chelsea Clinton Wants You to Leave Barron Trump Alone -- & She's Right

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This 10-year-old didn't ask to be put in the spotlight, but now that he's there, does that make him fair game? One woman who's been in his shoes doesn't think so. Speaking out against those who've mocked President Donald Trump's youngest son, Chelsea Clinton is calling for attacks on Barron to stop


The former First Daughter took to Facebook this weekend to defend Barron after he'd been ridiculed by many, including celebrities and so-called comedy writers alike, during and after his dad's inauguration.

Clinton's Facebook statement was made just hours after Saturday Night Live writer Kathy Rich tweeted a seriously unfunny remark stating that Barron would be the "country's first homeschool shooter." 

Rich's tweet was later deleted, and while her name was not included in the credits following Saturday evening's show, NBC has yet to comment on her misguided attempt at humor at the expense of the child. 

While defending Barron, Clinton took the opportunity to take a shot at his dad. Take a look:

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Not only is Clinton now a mom-of-two herself (Charlotte is 2 and Aidan is just 7 months), but she also may very well know what Barron might be feeling. On the cusp of becoming a teenager, Chelsea was compared to a dog by Rush Limbaugh and mocked on SNL during a Wayne's World skit by Wayne (Mike Myers) and Garth (Dana Carvey), who joked that adolescence had been thus far unkind to the 12-year-old. 

If you have an issue with Donald Trump's words, actions, or policies, take it up with him (like Clinton did), not his son. Throughout history, some voters have always objected to the views of elected presidents, but -- partly due to social media -- we've never seen so much hatred for the child of a president as we have in the very short time since Trump was elected. 

The reserved tween has been the target of celebrity attacks beginning with Rosie O'Donnell, whose tweet questioning whether the boy was "autistic" prompted his mom, Melania, to retain an attorney to set the record straight

Following Friday's inauguration, Modern Family actress Julie Bowen, a mom of three sons, had some fun on Instagram at Barron's expense. 

Barron, a voting majority shares your horror. #barronforpresident

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Not surprisingly, she was quickly called out for her comments by followers like this one:  

... would you like it if someone made jokes about your children????? No matter who you voted for kids are off limits jokes or not. It's hateful. He's a little boy.

What we should all remember is that Barron is just a child who didn't ask for any of this attention. If you have a problem with his father's ideas, then take issue with the adult, not his young son. 

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