34 Photos From the Women's Marches That Prove Equality Is a Family Affair

34 Photos From the Women's Marches That Prove Equality Is a Family Affair
Image: Jay Mallin/ZUMA Press/Splash News

Jay Mallin/ZUMA Press/Splash News
If you wore a pink knit hat this weekend, you weren't alone: The Women's March is being called the largest demonstration in US history! In a stunning display of solidarity, hundreds of thousands of women the world over joined together on Saturday, January 21, to peacefully protest our current administration's sexist, racist, and xenophobic viewpoints and policies. And it wasn't just women, either -- many marchers brought husbands, children, even their own mothers (not to mention aunts and cousins and friends), proving that the fight for justice transcends gender -- and generations.

We asked moms (and some dads, too) from across the country to send pics of their experiences marching this weekend, and the images they shared with us are exactly what you need to see right now. Revolutionary, hopeful, inspiring (and occasionally just plain adorable), these photos show that the future looks bright ... bright pink, that is!

  • Busting Bullies

    Courtesy of Allison

    Atticus, 9, and Toby, 8, marched with their mom Allison in Baltimore, pointing out that kids can often hear everything the president is saying.

  • Climbing High

    Courtesy of Michelle Robinson Doheny

    Michelle Robinson Doheny and her 13-year-old daughter Piper Doheny marched (and climbed!) in Hartford, Connecticut. Piper's message? "I am the future and the future is female." Right on!

  • Counting Down

    Courtesy of Tobi DeVito

    Tobi DeVito, her partner Karen, and their 8-year-old daughter Edie marched in Washington, DC, as a family -- to defend their family.

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  • Hair Apparent

    Courtesy of Lisa Maxwell

    Lisa Maxwell and her son, Simon Maxwell, brought some humor as they marched in New York City.

  • Colors of Freedom

    Courtesy of Karyn Eves

    Karyn Eves and her 5-year-old daughter Nerys made it a mother-daughter moment as they marched in Boston. 

  • Squad Goals

    Courtesy of Julia Marie

    Julia Marie marched with her 22-year-old and 15-year-old daughters in DC. "The older one [left] is a Latvian immigrant, adopted at 17, and presumably someone Trump would like to deport," Marie tells CafeMom.

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  • Red Letter Day

    Courtesy of Kate Washington

    Kate Washington marched in Sacramento with her daughters Lucy, 7, and Nora, 11 -- and they clearly brought major girl power, reminding the world that women's rights are indeed human rights.


  • Eco-Conscious

    Courtesy of Jessica Stuart Harris

    Jessica Stuart Harris and her son marched in Boston -- speaking for the trees. "My marching boy was fantastic! He was patient and enthusiastic. I am incredibly proud!" Harris tells CafeMom.

  • Pink Power

    Courtesy of Diana Coben Einstein

    Diana Coben Einstein and her daughters Levyn, 9, and Adielle, 7, painted the streets pink with their signs in Dallas.

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  • Raising Boys Right

    Courtesy of Rachel Burt

    Rachel Burt and her son Joshua marched in Atlanta, Georgia. Because marching definitely wasn't just for women.

  • Pop the Patriarchy

    Courtesy of Sasha Brown-Worsham

    Sasha Brown-Worsham and her daughter Samara proudly marched in Washington, DC, with their clever signs.

  • Generation Next

    Courtesy of Christine Jensen

    Three generations of strong women marched (or rolled) side-by-side in Des Moines, Iowa: Christine Jensen, daughter Abbi Jensen Waugh, and granddaughter Eleanor Waugh.

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  • Working for Women's Repro Rights

    Courtesy of Joy Lenters

    Joy Lenters and her daughter and director of global advocacy for Planned Parenthood, Chloe Cooney, marched in Washington, DC. 

  • Standing Together

    Deborah Schneider

    Mother-daughter group Katy Sherrat, Olivia Schneider, Deborah Schneider, and Meredith Gray marched in New York City declaring they're #NotWithHim and they're for women's rights.

  • Family Values

    Courtesy of Jennifer Postlethwaite

    Kris Klima, Jennifer Postlethwaite, and their daughters Kate and Magnolia marched in Sacramento, California, with signs declaring "love is love."

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  • Staying Positive

    Courtesy of Tammie Singleton

    Jaelyn Singleton, 18, and her mom Tammie Singleton marched with smiles in Sacramento, California.

  • Keeping Score

    Courtesy of Jenifer Chase Riley

    Isabella Cannon, 16, and her mom Jenifer Chase Riley, 43, marched in Sacramento -- reminding people that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by a landslide in the final tally.

  • Broadway Shines

    Courtesy of Ella

    Ella and her husband Brett marched in NYC with daughter Sasha, 9, and son Zack, 7, as part of the Broadway Strong community.

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  • Demanding Better

    Courtesy of Cadence

    Eight-year-old Cadence and her mom Clarisse marched in Lincoln, Nebraska -- with a clear message against misogyny.

  • All Join Hands

    Courtesy of Holly

    Olivia, 16, and Sullivan, 10, marched with their mom Holly in Sacramento, California. Because we can do it!


  • No Voice Too Small

    Courtesy of Leanne

    Cora, 7, and Aisling, 4, marched in NYC with their mom Leanne -- proving fierce girls come in all sizes.

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  • Helping Those in Need

    Courtesy of Stephanie Ferdman

    Stephanie Ferdman and her son Cooper marched in NYC with the group Sanctuary for Families, a nonprofit that helps survivors of domestic violence.

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  • On Top of the World

    Courtesy of Stewart Smith

    Stewart Smith and his daughter Riley, 19 months, marched in St. Paul, Minnesota. We bet she had the best view of anyone!


  • The Good Fight

    Courtesy of Margaret O'Malley

    Margaret O'Malley and her 6-year-old daughter Maeve marched in DC with a message that should be every girl's mantra.

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  • Eleanor Shows Her Support

    Courtesy of LaDonna Witmer

    LaDonna Witmer and her 6-year-old daughter Lucette flew from San Francisco to march in DC -- stopping to pose with former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt (in a pink "Pussy Hat" made iconic by marchers).

  • Use the Force

    Courtesy of Lucy

    Lucy and her 9-year-old son Kei marched in DC with the Capitol looming in the background.

  • Carrying the Torch

    Courtesy of Margot Montague

    Margot Montague and her mom Deborah Levin marched in St. Louis, Missouri, in honor of her late grandmother, Esther Levins, whom she says worked "towards equality for all races, women, economic classes, immigrants" and others. 

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  • All You Need Is Love

    Courtesy of Stephanie

    Stephanie and Frank marched with their son Lowell, 5, in Oakland, California, bringing signs that speak the truth. Love will change the world (if we let it).


  • Honoring Our Heroes

    Courtesy of April Daniels Hussar

    Our senior parenting editor, April Daniels Hussar, and her daughter Isabella marched in Washington, DC. On why she marched with her daughter, she says: 

    Since her birth, we've raised this girl to believe that she can be and do anything; that she has the right and the strength to pursue whatever she dreams, and that she and she alone has the authority to make decisions about her own body. Saturday we march as one step in the fight to make sure that promise is true -- not just for her, but for all our children of every race and every religion.

  • Fight for Your Rights

    Courtesy of Michele Zipp

    Michele Zipp and her daughter Penelope marched -- for fundamental rights for girls -- in the Walkway Over the Hudson in Poughkeepsie, New York.

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