34 Photos From the Women's Marches That Prove Equality Is a Family Affair

Jay Mallin/ZUMA Press/Splash News
If you wore a pink knit hat this weekend, you weren't alone: The Women's March is being called the largest demonstration in US history! In a stunning display of solidarity, hundreds of thousands of women the world over joined together on Saturday, January 21, to peacefully protest our current administration's sexist, racist, and xenophobic viewpoints and policies. And it wasn't just women, either -- many marchers brought husbands, children, even their own mothers (not to mention aunts and cousins and friends), proving that the fight for justice transcends gender -- and generations.

We asked moms (and some dads, too) from across the country to send pics of their experiences marching this weekend, and the images they shared with us are exactly what you need to see right now. Revolutionary, hopeful, inspiring (and occasionally just plain adorable), these photos show that the future looks bright ... bright pink, that is!

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