Mom Who Lost 80 Pounds Says She Was Body-Shamed by Lululemon Employees

A line of sweatpants at Lululemon, which recently opened a store at the Sputh Coast Plaza.
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When you're shopping inside a clothing store, the only thing that should be on your mind is locating your size or taking a peek at the price tag -- not questioning whether you belong inside said store because of your weight. It's unfathomable why Lululemon associates reportedly body-shamed mom Heather Albert with giggles and hurtful comments, but here we are. Now Heather's story serves as a powerful reminder to judge less and be more kind.


Battling polycystic ovarian syndrome for years -- and postpartum depression after the birth of her son -- Heather found that losing weight was super hard, but not impossible. The Las Vegas mom got a gastric sleeve and worked hard to drop an amazing 80 pounds -- going from a size 22 to a size 10 or 12 -- prompting her to shop for new clothes.

(You go, girl!)

"So much has changed since losing weight," Heather told People. "I have more self-esteem, more self-confidence, and most importantly, I feel healthier overall."

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Full of self-confidence and ready to rock some new threads, Heather decided to visit a Lululemon store in Park City, Utah, during a work trip that apparently ended in the most humiliating and unthinkable way.

Rather than leave the athletic store with new gear and the excitement to rock her apparel during her next workout session -- or just for the hell of it -- Heather said she was talked about and teased by two employees in the store who made her feel anything but welcome.

"There were two [employees] in the store, and I was the only customer," Heather revealed in her Facebook post to Lululemon. She continued:

Shortly after I walked in, I heard one [employee] whisper (loudly) to the other, 'DO we even have anything in her size??' and both proceeded to giggle. I was the only customer in the store. I knew it was directed at me. I was mortified. I quickly bought the two things I had in my hand that I had found and left the store. I was so embarrassed! I had a work function to go to that night, when I got back to my hotel I cried in the shower.

Since the incident, a representative for Lululemon has reached out to Heather via Facebook, writing, "I'm so sorry to hear this was your experience at our Park City store. Please send us a private message so we can dig into this further and help to make things right." The company, though, told People that it "did not have a comment at this time," according to the mag.

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This is so sad on so many levels.

For some reason, "Mean Girl syndrome" is still alive and well. Many of us have been on the receiving end of it, which is why I can't believe employees would say such hurtful words -- let alone comment loud enough for the person you're talking about to hear! If anything, they should've been more encouraging and welcoming to people in the store, especially to Heather, who says she was the only person shopping at the time.

(Apparently, customer service and tact are gifts that don't come in all sizes ...)

As disheartening as it is to hear what Heather went through, a part of me is glad she shared her story ... because this type of unkindness toward others -- and body-shaming -- needs to end, once and for all. 

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Sadly, this is just another reason why I shop for clothes online.

Thank you, Heather, for sharing your story. It's such an important reminder to watch our thoughts and words and not cast a standard of beauty on other women.

... Because we already deal with enough of that sh*t as is. 

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