Ivanka Trump's New $5.5 Million DC Mansion Is Seriously No Joke

Ivanka Trump's New $5.5 Million DC Mansion Is Seriously No Joke
Image: Zillow/Washington Fine Properties

Zillow/Washington Fine Properties

As of late January 2017, most of the the sprawling Trump family will be heading down to Washington, DC, and God knows they won't all fit into the White House. That means some of the clan is going to have to find lodgings of their own, and because these are Trumps, you know the houses they choose will be glamorous. Photos released of the house Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, chose were released by Zillow and confirm our suspicions -- their new house is beautiful, but gigantic by all reasonable standards.

The property was listed by Washington Fine Properties, and the co-owner of the company, William Moody, is the one who spoke to the Washingtonian about the deal.

Moody wouldn't disclose the location of Ivanka and Jared's new house, but more than one real estate source has confirmed that it's in the Kalorama area in northwest Washington, which is the same neighborhood into which the Obamas are reportedly moving after Trump's inauguration. That would make the Kushner-Trumps and the Obamas neighbors and that'll be ... interesting.

In any case, the six-bedroom home sold for $5.5 million on December 22, but it's not clear whether Ivanka and Jared bought it themselves or are renting it from its new owner. Either way, it's stunning -- here's a glimpse into the inside.

  • Exterior

    Zillow/Washington Fine Properties

    With double-sided friendship stairs and no less than 11 front-facing windows, the new Trump-Kushner house is appropriately impressive.

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  • Foyer

    Zillow/Washington Fine Properties

    We THINK this is a foyer, at any rate. Either way, it's light and airy and, uh, foyer-y. That's some tree, right?

  • Foyer (View 2)

    Zillow/Washington Fine Properties

    This photo actually makes us less sure of the purpose or function of this room, but it's still foyer-y. Nice room. Very good.

  • Living Room

    Zillow/Washington Fine Properties

    The living room is furnished with sleek, modern furniture, which definitely seems right for a family with three kids under five. (We're just kidding.)

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  • Sunroom

    Zillow/Washington Fine Properties

    All the toddlers we know would run head-first through those glass paneled doors as soon as they saw them, but we bet the Kushner kids are way more refined. This family probably knows how to lounge in a sunroom with class.

  • Dining Room

    Zillow/Washington Fine Properties

    If Ivanka and Jared are ever coming up short on ways to impress guests, this dining room will def get the job done. They might not know if they're in a dining room or a board room at first but then they'll figure it out and be like, "nice."

  • Kitchen

    Zillow/Washington Fine Properties

    This kitchen is very clean, and that's cool. Who wants to take bets on how long that will last?

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  • Kitchen (View 2)

    Zillow/Washington Fine Properties

    According to real estate experts, this kitchen has all the best top-shelf appliances. Who wants to take bets on whether Ivanka and the fam will put them to good use?

  • Purple Couch

    Zillow/Washington Fine Properties

    That's a purple couch! And what appears to be a velvet coffee table! Hmm!

  • Bathroom

    Zillow/Washington Fine Properties

    We're not sure which of the seven bathrooms this is (is it for kids or for guests? No clue!), but we like it. Black marble is, you know, elegant and stuff.

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  • Stairwell

    Zillow/Washington Fine Properties

    That's a super cool light fixture hanging over the stairs, and we can only hope it's out of head-bonking range.

  • Master Bedroom

    Zillow/Washington Fine Properties

    Hi, uh, is that also a velvet bedspread? We hope so.

  • Master Bath

    Zillow/Washington Fine Properties

    We're really glad the master bathroom has a bench, but if that toilet isn't one of those Japanese ones that sprays you, this house was a rip-off.

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  • Master Balcony

    Zillow/Washington Fine Properties

    Do you think they can spy on the Obamas' house from here? That would be cool. Creepy, but cool.

  • Bedroom

    Zillow/Washington Fine Properties

    We don't know which bedroom will go to which kid (there are three -- Arabella, 5, Joesph, 3, and 9-month-old Theodore) or to the guests, but someone will definitely find this room inviting.

  • Office

    Zillow/Washington Fine Properties

    Oh, nice. Are those toys? Or busts? Whatever -- they definitely count as, um, interesting decor for this home office.

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  • Kitchenette

    Zillow/Washington Fine Properties

    This is labeled "kitchenette," which we take to mean it's a mini kitchen. We don't know if it goes inside the big kitchen or in the basement or what, but we like that it's like those plastic kitchen toys we get for kids but, you know, real.

  • Basement

    Zillow/Washington Fine Properties

    This is the basement, so we guess the kitchenette belongs down here after all. Now, would you like to talk about the a) bean bag chairs, b) face on the wall, or c) mini keyboard slash DJ station all set up and ready to go?

  • Patio

    Zillow/Washington Fine Properties

    This is actually nice. We like this patio. We'd definitely chill here. Does it rain in DC? We hope not.

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  • Patio (View 2)

    Zillow/Washington Fine Properties

    Those are some impressive hedges! Very tall and ... private. We love a good hedge.

  • Exterior (View 2)

    Zillow/Washington Fine Properties

    Hey, it doesn't look so big from back here, but it's definitely enough room for the kids to play.

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