14 Times the Obamas Proved They're The Cutest First Family, Like, Ever

14 Times the Obamas Proved They're The Cutest First Family, Like, Ever
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For the past eight years, we've had front row seats to observe Barack and Michelle Obama and their seemingly perfect kids. We've learned a lot about who they are as people and as political figures, and we don't think there are words to express how lucky we feel to have had this chance to get to know them. But President Obama and family will be exiting stage left soon, so it's time for us to appreciate what we've got while they're still here.

By that we mean that we want to go back and gawk at their most adorable moments as a family. There are lots of them, so that's what we're gonna do.

  • At the Inaugural Ball (Round 2)

    Chip Somodevilla / Getty

    No matter where Barack and Michelle are, the way they look at each other is honestly just beyond. This particular look was snapped at President Obama's second inaugural ball on January 21, 2013.

  • Just Hanging Around


    As if the way the four Obamas are chilling on the couch isn't cute enough, Malia and Barack had to go ahead and look at each other with those goofy grins, just to kill us. Michelle posted this photo on Thanksgiving in 2016, but it's definitely old -- look how little Sasha is! And how ... not gray President Obama is.

  • Being Sworn In

    Alex Wong / Staff

    That's pure pride in Michelle's expression, and with reason -- she was watching her husband get sworn in for his second term as president of the United States. It was kinda a big deal.

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  • In London

    WPA Pool / Getty

    This moment happened toward the end of Obama's first term. He and Michelle were visiting Queen Elizabeth in London, and they gave each other this super special, super secret look as they were arriving at an event.

  • Posing With Elves

    Pool / Getty

    This photo would be cute as it is, but then someone put tiny elves in front of the Obamas and it got even cuter. It was taken back in 2013 for TNT's Christmas in Washington event benefiting the Children's National Health System, and we're obsessed with how happy they all look.

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  • Reading 'Where the Wild Things Are'


    Does this photo make you feel like you're a kid again and Michelle and Barack are reading you a story before bed? Same for us. And they kind of are -- the two are reading Where the Wild Things Are to the kids at the 2016 Easter Egg Roll on the White House Lawn.

  • Tie Adjustment

    JIM WATSON / Getty

    It's like this shot belongs in a movie or something -- President Obama and Michelle were waiting at the White House for the Chinese president and his wife when Michelle reached over to adjust his tie. Is it a perfect moment and are they a perfect couple? Yep, kind of.

  • On Election Night

    Scott Olson / Getty

    Way back in 2004 (what babies!), the Obamas sat on a couch and waited for the results from Obama's senator race to come in. Obviously, it was just the beginning of his political journey, but it's clear the family loved each other as much then as they do now.

  • Fist-Bumping

    Scott Olson / Getty

    Back in 2008 when Obama was on the primary campaign trail, he and Michelle decided to be the most adorable couple ever and fist-bump on a rally stage. What a gift -- we're lucky we get to visit this moment over and over.

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  • Walking Bo

    Alex Wong / Getty

    The Obamas were still new to the White House in April 2009, so this might have been one of the first walks they took on the grounds as a family. It was also one of the first times their dog, Bo, met the press, and the way the whole family is looking out for him is precious.

  • Michelle Grabbing Barack's Nose


    We're not totally sure what's going on here (is Michelle picking Barack's nose? Or just touching it?) but we're pretty sure it doesn't matter. It's still a perfect example of how well these two work together, and we love it.

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  • Pardoning Turkeys

    Brandon Todd / Splash News

    Obama hasn't really tried to hide how ridiculous he thinks the annual Thanksgiving turkey pardoning ceremony is, and clearly Sasha and Malia feel the same. The three laughed about it (or something -- we guess we don't know for sure) during the 2012 ceremony, and it was the cutest.

  • Hugging in the Red Room

    The White House / Getty

    We suppose that when you're president, you get used to having private-ish moments like this in front of a lot of people. It's good news for us -- we get to see all the proof we need to believe that they're the most perfect couple of all time.

  • Old Family Photo

    Obama for America / Splash News

    Every family photo the Obamas take is perfect, but this one speaks to us on an entirely different level. There's so much love between them, and we want in.

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