Megyn Kelly Should Not Have to Explain What a Bimbo Is to Her Young Daughter

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If you need any more proof that national news seeps into kids' brains, no matter how much we try to protect them from it, here's a sad and scary story: Megyn Kelly said on Good Morning America that her 5-year-old daughter came home this year and asked what a bimbo was, because apparently somewhere along the line she heard what President-Elect Donald Trump was saying about her mom


"She's 5," Kelly said. "She hears things in the world."

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We don't know where 5-year-olds are getting their news these days, but it's sad that they have to hear this stuff. Kelly said she never talked to her daughter about Trump or the things he's said and done, but Yardley picked up the information anyway:

Yardley also, as Kelly explained, picked up a fear of Trump. Or maybe it's just a natural fear of him. Either way, it's scary that a 5-year-old is scared of the president-elect.

But that's not really the point. The point is that kids absorb the stuff going on in the world and, often, their reactions aren't as calm as Yardley's was. Instead, we see kids chanting "white power" in the hallways at school and writing Islamophobic notes to their teachers. We see that the distaste we express can turn into hate in the hands of kids, and that's really, really dangerous.

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So it's on us to teach kids love and acceptance, but it's also on everyone in this country (and especially those leading it) to be less hateful. No mom should have to teach her daughter what "bimbo" means. No girl should have to learn about sexism from such a young age.

And no government should be demonstrating to us that this is okay.

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