Meet Barron Trump: The First Son to Live in the White House in More Than 50 Years

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We all felt for this kid as he struggled to stay awake on election night (or should we say, the morning after?). But 10-year-old Barron Trump powered through and stood by his dad Donald's side as the president-elect delivered his acceptance speech. Aside from his ability to keep his eyes open until 3 a.m. (no small feat for a young kid who isn't attending a sleep-over), what do we know about Barron Trump, the first son living in the White House since John F. Kennedy Jr. spent the first three years of his life there from 1960 to 1963?


Here are 7 things we know about Donald Trump's youngest son.

1. The East Wing may pale in comparison to his current home.

While most kids might be over the moon at the thought of moving into the White House, Barron has been enjoying his own floor in Manhattan's Trump Tower penthouse, his mom Melania told Parenting four years ago. Suddenly, the East Wing isn't looking so enticing after all, is it? 

2. He might look like his mom, but he has his dad's personality.

"He is a very strong-minded, very special, smart boy," Melania also shared with Parenting. "He is independent and opinionated and knows exactly what he wants. Sometimes I call him little Donald. He is a mixture of us in looks, but his personality is why I call him little Donald."

3. He's trilingual.

Barron speaks English, French, and even Slovenian with his mother and grandparents, who also live in the Empire State. Pretty impressive!

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4. Don't expect to see him in sweatpants.

You won't catch the mini mogul-in-the-making in a track suit. His mom says he's "not a sweatpants child" and has an affinity for suits and ties -- again, just like his dad. 

5. He loves to build.

"He loves to build something and tear it down and build something else," Melania told Parenting. "He is very detailed at drawing. We travel often and he remembers everything he sees. Sometimes later the same day or the next he would build something like he saw or imagine something himself."

Wonder if he'll have plans drawn for a spectacular South Lawn tree house?   

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6. He enjoys sports. 

Sounds like Barron could have something in common with President Barack Obama -- he loves golf. When your dad owns more than a dozen courses, we suppose you have to play the game, right? 

7. He's appeared on The Apprentice.

Though Barron primarily remained out of the spotlight until his dad hit the campaign trail, the boy did make an appearance on the reality show The Apprentice in 2014. 

Let's hope Barron is given the same privacy that Jenna and Barbara Bush, Chelsea Clinton, and Sasha and Malia Obama enjoyed during their White House years. 

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