From Hope to Horror & Back: Election Day as Told by 17 Parents Across America

mom hugging kidThe 2016 presidential election will go down in history, but tragically, not for the reasons we hoped. What started out for many as a day of pride and promise slowly turned into a living nightmare for millions of voters. Processing this new reality is difficult for everyone, but those of us with kids have a particularly unenviable task: We are left to explain how a man who speaks so hatefully of so many -- a man who embodies every unkind and intolerant characteristic we discourage as parents -- has been elected to lead our country and keep them safe.

Yesterday was a day we'll never forget, the tense and tearful trajectory of which is illustrated perfectly through social media. One thing the posts in this slideshow prove: We are not alone in our feelings of despair and anger. And we don't want this for our children.


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