President Obama Hosted Last White House Halloween Like the Adorkable Dad He Is

Halloween 2016 was the Obamas' last in the White House (we're not crying; you're crying), and President Barack "Cool Dad" Obama stepped up the charm on all fronts (goofing off with adorable kids! Dancing to "Thriller!" Telling scary stories on Samantha Bee!). He was like the Jolly Ghost of Halloween Joy. He was like the star of a play called Hey! Nobody Forget How Cool Obama Is!: A Musical in Four Parts. He was like a freaking gem of a president who had to remind us all how sad we'll be to see him go. (These are NOT TEARS. Just, like, a twig or a branch in our eye.) Here's an overview of Obama's last presidential Halloween. Warning: You will NOT CRY, too.


Most of Obama's activity was centered around the annual Halloween party he hosts at the White House with Michelle. They bussed in more than 4,000 people -- many of whom were students from 15 local elementary schools, which provided ammo for cute bonding ops with adorable kids -- and provided candy and games. And dance moves. Which brings us to activity #1:

  1. Dancing to "Thriller" with Michelle.
    Here's a gift we never thought we'd get: actual video footage of the Obamas dancing to Michael Jackson. For the record, Barack is not a very good dancer. It's adorable. 


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  2. Singing "Purple Rain" to a mini Prince.
    We guess that while we're on the topic of Obama's love of musical greats, we should queue up this vid of him serenading a little boy dressed as Prince with "Purple Rain." In case there was any doubt, it's also adorable.

  3. Flexing with a mini Superman.
    According to Pete Souza, the White House's official photographer and the mastermind behind this shot, this little dude is Walker Earnest, the son of Josh Earnest, Obama's press secretary. Guess what! It's also adorable.

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  4. Telling spooky stories with Samantha Bee.
    All parts of this interview on Full Frontal with Samantha Bee are great, but the part where Sam and Barack start trading spooky stories about America's future is maybe the best. Or the part where there are no kids and Obama is STILL ADORABLE. (Are we allowed to call the president of the United States adorable this much? Whatever.)

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Image via Olivier/ZUMA Press/Splash News

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