I. Can't. Stand. Politics. -- So I'm Letting My Gut Tell Me Who to Vote For

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When this election season began, I knew I would be struggling to keep up with the process -- because I just know how much of a snooze-fest I've always found politics to be. And that was long before any of us were taking Donald Trump's presidency seriously -- that was before the 2016 election turned into an all-out sh*tshow. And, still, now, just days before the election, I find myself completely uninterested. I find myself unable to get into it even when we have a reality star for amusement during the debates. This isn't to be confused with my being unconcerned -- because I totally am. I'm just not 100 percent sure what it is that actually concerns me.


Yeah, I have my opinion of each candidate. Each of them is for themselves; neither of them are necessarily good for the "inner city" people (which is how Trump refers to us minorities). I know that Trump is blatantly gross -- I know that Trump is a racist, sexist pig.

But what I can and will say is that, at the very least, he doesn't try to be a wolf in sheep's clothing. He's not sh*t, and he owns his ways for better or worse -- unapologetically so.

Hillary, however, gives me an uneasy feeling of ingenuity. From what little I hear, I get the sense that she's not much better than Trump. And in that way, she may be more dangerous. That way being that she puts up a good front, or so it seems.

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(Seriously, trying to figure out if it's too late for Kanye to run. Because it seems that these days, anything is fair game.) 


But much to my dismay, Hillary still proves to be the lesser of two evils -- according to my gut, that is. And, that's truly all any political opinion I ever have is really based on --- that, and a whole lot of hearsay. My vote on November 8 will reflect the news headlines that I've skimmed over, often quoting a blasphemous Donald Trump, from his comments about grabbing p*ssy to his weird remarks about his daughter

You could ask me about policies and where each candidate stands on issues such as funding for higher education, women's reproductive rights, and taxes -- but I probably couldn't tell you a whole lot about any of the above. Chances are, I couldn't even tell you about the current policies in place for that matter. 

I could give you the bare minimum, but for as long as I can remember, no one likes being given just barely anything

I feel guilt and shame in revealing this, but it somehow won't change the fact that I'm unwilling to painfully force myself to watch or read about and comprehend politics. Not for nothing, I just can't bring myself to do it -- and this is despite knowing (because this is news I cannot escape) the danger we face should Trump take office. 

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It's the reason I won't even engage in a great debate about what our current president has or has not done for us during his eight years in office -- I don't have the slightest f*cking clue. I simply know that I like the person he is. My gut accepts President Barack Obama. And, although I truly want to have a desire to know these things (the things that matter the most, the things that will undoubtedly impact me), I simply don't know where to begin.

I can't make believe that this stuff is even halfway interesting -- not even for the greater good. That said, my job obviously includes my constantly having to delve into the news in some shape or form. Sometimes it's fun and lighthearted; sometimes it's outrageous and heartbreaking.

And then, most nights when I go home I use the little energy that I do have to watch TV or read -- and I want it to be mindless, pleasurable, and happy stuff. I don't want it to be about the misery of the world, and, yes, the 2016 election is included in that misery.

At this point, at 23, I find that shame may just be my best hope. Working in the industry that I do, with the people that I do (people who know their sh*t), I admit it can definitely be awkward sometimes and embarrassing 100 percent of time. It makes me feel like this is something that I'm supposed to know, whether there's an interest or not. Like it's just another part of adulting.

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So I won't say there's absolutely no hope, as the people I surround myself with are my best bet for creating a better, more informed, me. They're definitely the reason I've put even the slightest effort into registering to vote in New York City, even if I had to send in my application three times to make it happen. They're the reason I'll be voting.

I certainly like to think that there's hope for a more mature me who selflessly dedicates my free time (my time to be a mindless drone) to more political sh*t. But, until then, #ImWithHer by default. 


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