I Already Voted (#ForHer) -- Here's Why It Felt So Damn Good

It makes me sad when I hear people say they're not excited about voting in this election. True, it's been two years of ugly politics of the worst kind. But as a woman and a mother and a human, I will say that voting both for Hillary Clinton and against Donald Trump felt really damn good.


Voting felt good because I think Hillary Clinton is the most qualified person for the job. She's got experience, toughness, and she knows how to govern. In a normal election, that would be enough -- but as we all know, this go-around has been anything but normal.

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Voting felt good because I've watched her withstand one indignity after another from Trump -- from his now-infamous "nasty woman" comment to the suggestion that she lacks the "stamina" to be president. And still Trump hasn't had the slightest impact on Hillary's getting the job done. Voting was a small way I could help her deliver the only rebuke that really matters: a crushing Trump defeat.

I voted for Hillary because of this:

Voting felt good because I heard Trump laugh about the idea of sexually assaulting women on that bus in 2005. I voted for all of the women who have risked their safety and reputations to come out and claim he did those things to them. These women, now numbering the double digits, have nothing to gain by telling their stories. Trump has denied the allegations, but he couldn't just leave it there. These ladies have had their appearances insulted by Trump, who said after the election he would sue them. My ballot was one way I could show I think the way they have been treated is shameful.


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Voting felt good because over the course of this election, watching women get bullied by both Trump and his supporters has been chilling. Women have had to start "secret" social media groups so they would have safe spaces to express their support for Clinton away from the anger and hate they were getting from Trump supporters in their feeds.

Female journalists have been threatened and harassed by Trump and his supporters and acolytes. NBC's Katy Tur needed Secret Service protection after being called out by Trump during a rally. Conservative women recently confessed to Marie Claire they were going to vote for Hillary but have to keep it a secret among their family and friends.

Here's what one woman said:

When Hillary would show up on TV, my parents wouldn't hesitate to call her a 'liar,' a 'bitch,' and sometimes worse. Since I live near my parents, that makes it very difficult to openly support Hillary. 

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Voting felt good because Trump supporters have joked on social media about banning the 19th amendment that protects women's right to vote. I voted for Susan B. Anthony.

Voting felt good because I've listened for more than a year as Trump made overtly racist and violent overtures to his supporters, sent his son Donald Jr. to do a radio interview on a white supremacist show, and has gotten the support of the modern version of the white-nationalist movement, the so-called alt-right. Voting felt good because any candidate of David Duke's is no candidate of mine.

But as with most things I feel most deeply, voting for Clinton felt good because of my little girl. At 6, she's old enough to recognize the "blood coming out of her wherever" line from the Clinton commercials and has watched the way Trump yells at and bullies people. All along the GOP candidate has been like some kind of theme park mascot with the sole purpose of demonstrating all of the bad behaviors I won't accept from her. He's rude; he yells at people when he doesn't get his way. Such hateful, filthy things come out of his mouth that I have to change the channel when she's in the room. Trump just can't be my daughter's president.

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No matter your feelings on these candidates, we can probably all agree on one thing: The best part about voting is that it means this campaign is nearly over. It's been emotional for the entire country and has exposed, and at times exploited, deep divides in America over painful issues like race and sex and the resentment of a middle class in decline.

This is our chance to finally get in on the conversation. We're all motivated by different things. There are plenty of problems in our country and around the world to get worked up about. But after all of the yelling, slogans, handshakes, promises, accusations, and interviews, it all comes down to this. One voter, one vote. And if you haven't done it yet, just take my word for it. Voting feels really good.


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