'Black Jeopardy' Sketch Might Do More to Bring Us Together Than This Election Can

Tom Hanks guest stars on 'SNL' in hilarious

No matter how many differences -- think race, religion, and political affiliation -- we're quick to point out, at the end of the day there are many similarities that unite us instead of divide. Tom Hanks's "Black Jeopardy" SNL skit is a perfect reminder that making America "great again" starts with connecting with your fellow neighbor and focusing on common interests -- like calling up the dude in your community who can fix your brakes for $40.


Saturday Night Live has been known to push the envelope with cultural and political satire, but this skit, about a southern Trump supporter named Doug (Tom Hanks) who competes against African-American contestants in "Black Jeopardy," is EVERYTHING.

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And as it turns out, the white guy everyone assumed would know nothing about "black culture" actually has more in common with these Jeopardy contestants than people thought.

"You're all right, Doug."

Soo funny, lol!

There were so many wonderful gems throughout this sketch that made me smile and hinted at cultural and socioeconomic similarities -- including Doug's hilarious two cents as to why Tyler Perry Madea movies are underrated:

You know, I gotta tell ya, I love those [Madea] movies. I bought the boxed set at Walmart, and if I can laugh and pray in 90 minutes, that's money well spent.

SNL also did a great job at dispelling the notion that conservatives -- or right-wingers -- are the only ones with conspiracy theories. Doug's response to the question answer (sorry, forgot this was Jeopardy) that "every vote counts" received high praise from his fellow contestants and the host.

"What is, come on. They already decided who wins -- even before it happens."

Fans of SNL -- and those who are unashamed to say they still watch -- took to Twitter to sound off about the brilliance of "Black Jeopardy."

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Obviously "Black Jeopardy" is not meant to reflect an entire race, but to show that people, regardless of color and political affiliations, often go through similar experiences -- especially when social class is involved.

What's interesting, however, is SNL's decision to end this sketch about politics and culture with the category "Lives Matter," a hashtag that has caused major discord among those who fight to bring the issue of police brutality and racial profiling to light, and those who don't think it's a big deal.

Sadly, this was a topic that turned the goodwill between the contestants into a moment of tension as Hanks's character appeared very uneasy about the topic. (The skit ends before we get to hear what he says, though there appears to be an inaudible argument between Doug and the other contestants.)

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One can only hope that this sketch makes all of us look and interact with our neighbors differently -- and open our minds and hearts to sympathize with experiences that may not directly affect us. (Just because it doesn't happen to you does not mean it's not happening.)

Thanks, SNL.

Message received.


Image via Saturday Night Live/YouTube

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