16 Smart AF Hillary Clinton Quotes That Prove 'Nasty Women' Should Rule the World

16 Smart AF Hillary Clinton Quotes That Prove 'Nasty Women' Should Rule the World

You guys, the road to this year's presidential election has been rough. The world watched as the physical embodiment of an Internet comments sections walked up to the podium with his fake orange tan and usurped the Republican Party with nonsensical ramblings. How journalists (let alone debate partners) can attempt to hold any sort of intelligent discourse with this man is frankly ... impressive.

Over the past several months, former senator and secretary of state Hillary Clinton was able to rise above Donald Trump's childish whining and cheap shots (no easy feat!). She also clearly defined her plans to implement policy objectives -- she had details, facts, and coherent sentences on her side, while all he had was narcissism and casual racism.

Throughout the campaign, Clinton addressed issues that matter most to women: healthcare, childcare, equality in the workplace, women's reproductive rights, and education. She stood up for the rights of the disabled, for our vets, for immigrants who want a legal (read: vetted) pathway into our country, and for our LGBTQ friends and family. She fearlessly admits that each of us has hidden biases and that race is an issue that needs to be addressed with open eyes and hearts before progress can begin. And even Trump himself had to concede that she, as he put it, "does fight hard, and she doesn't quit. She doesn't give up."

We are so proud that Hillary Clinton has fought to blaze a trail for all women to follow into the future. She's taken her own punches so that we can stand tall -- even amongst misogynistic bullies -- to reach for our greatest dreams. These 16 quotes from her campaign -- speeches, debates, and tweets -- prove she's truly the president we have been waiting for.


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