Why Trump's 'Nasty Woman' Jab Could Be the Nail in the Coffin of His Campaign


If you dared to watch the third and final debate of the 2016 presidential election, chances are you are still reeling from the intensity, the animosity, the downright "nasty"-ness of the whole thing. As Donald Trump repeatedly interrupted Hillary Clinton with a persistent "Wrong!" -- basically doing his impression of Alec Baldwin doing an impression of him -- you may have thought Trump couldn't stoop much lower. He couldn't act even more like a schoolyard bully, you thought. And that's precisely when he leaned into his mic and said of Clinton, "Such a nasty woman."


It was gasp-worthy.

You know that within nanoseconds of that appalling remark, memes, tweets, and a bazillion think pieces began appearing all over the web. Trump's big "slam" became Clinton supporters' new motto. Someone even bought the domain NastyWomenGetShitDone.com and had it redirected to Hillary's homepage.

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Because when they go low, we go high ... and hilarious. Check it out.

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On a more serious note, let's just pause for a moment to acknowledge that this remark was a telling glimpse into Donald's true character. It can be tough to know which Donald is the real Donald, when the guy is perpetually talking out of two sides of his mouth, twisting and projecting his own shortcomings onto his opponent ("I know you're the liar, but what am I?" or "I know you're the birther, but what am I?"). His campaign may try to shrug off his remarks about Miss Universe Alicia Machado, because that was all the way back in the '90s. And they downplay his "grab 'em by the p***y" comment, because that was a whole 11 years ago!

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But Trump spewed "such a nasty woman" last night. In a moment when he just couldn't control himself (that "winning temperament!"), he opened his mouth and showed the world who he really is: an overgrown brat with a staunchly sexist view of women. Hence why his claim that "nobody has more respect for women than I do!" garnered laughter from those in the audience who see the real Donald.

How much further proof do we need to confirm that Trump has always been and continues to be a misogynist? Earlier this month, the Telegraph compiled every offensive comment he's made about women dating back to 1990. No doubt that list is going to continually require updates.

But whatevs! Since he started running, Trump has believed he can get away with saying -- or doing -- just about anything and still win come November 8. Such a delusional man. If he still had even the slightest chance in hell of winning, the key demographic he would have had to convince last night was white, college-educated, suburban women.

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The lead Clinton has maintained is linked to her advantage with these voters. Four years ago, 52 percent of them voted for Mitt Romney, while 46 percent voted for Obama, according to exit polls. But earlier this month, the Washington Post reported that Trump was "losing [white women with college degrees] badly -- 32 percent to Clinton's 57 percent in a late September Washington Post–ABC News poll of likely voters."

It seems like every week we say "that has to be the final straw" for Trump. But by showing the country, and women, what he really thinks about us with that sexist slur last night, the Republican nominee all but handed a sweeping victory to Hillary Clinton.


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