Man Worried About Hillary Clinton's 'Time of Month' Needs a Biology Lesson

hillary clintonDonald Trump supporters have leveled some truly outrageous and unfounded criticisms against Hillary Clinton during the course of the 2016 election, but one recent complaint is so ridiculous it almost defies belief: In a letter to the editor of the Williamsport Sun-Gazette, one Pennsylvania man voiced his concerns over Clinton's "health" -- specifically, what would happen if "that time of the month comes." (Commence banging your head against the wall now.)


Yes, it's true: A Sun-Gazette reader is worried about how the country would be affected if Hillary Clinton -- that's 69-year-old, most likely very post-menopausal Hillary Clinton, for those of you with a working knowledge of human biology -- were to get her period while serving as president of the United States. And, as he made perfectly clear in his letter, this concern has nothing to do with his being sexist or anything, okay? He writes:

They call us sexist just because we are critical of Hillary Clinton and her health. What if that time of month comes and she is sick at the same time?

Wait, maybe his fear is that Clinton will get her period AND catch a cold at the same time? Perhaps the letter in its entirety will provide some clues:


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Nope, no answers there. Just a horrifying display of ignorance, misogyny, racism, and outright delusions. The reason why it's impossible to make sense of this letter is because it is, in fact, utter nonsense. This man quite obviously has no idea how women's reproductive systems operate, but that's not even the worst part. I suppose we could forgive a man for thinking that women menstruate well into their senior years (whether or not we should forgive him is another story), but we can't forgive him for thinking that having her period would somehow render a woman incapable of doing her job. (Even if she had a cold at the same time.)

Or, as Twitter user @KiranOpal so brilliantly put it:

Exactly. It seems incomprehensible, in 2016, that there would be an entire segment of the population that actively believes and perpetuates these "sexist menstruation myths," but no more incomprehensible than an entire segment of the population believing Donald Trump is an "everyday guy."

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These are the people who heard Trump's comments about blood coming out of Megyn Kelly's "wherever" and nodded their heads. These people exist, and they are proof of how far our society has to go when it comes to equal rights (and just plain human decency). They are proof of how desperately we need a leader who knows how far we have to go, and who wants to take us there -- not a leader who has fans who would happily let the country backslide to a time when women couldn't vote. Because, you know, what would happen if we have our periods on election day?!


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