Wanting to Ban Women From Voting Is a New Low -- Even for This Election

Donald Trump and #Repealthe19th

Hashtags have been a pretty big deal in this election. #ImWithHer. #NeverTrump. #MakeAmericaGreatAgain. The list goes on and on. And with all the finger-pointing and mudslinging that happens between presidential candidates, no one expected to see Donald Trump supporters' latest hashtag that most definitely makes you think twice about casting your vote in the GOP's direction. Trump fans who support #Repealthe19th not only look sexist and foolish, but are showing the wrong way to "make America great again."


As baffling as it sounds, the fact that anyone would publicly promote a hashtag that goes against the Constitutional amendment that granted women the right to vote is beyond me.

But here we are.

This hashtag was apparently trending after the website Five Thirty-Eight released two infographics (based on data from a Public Religion Research Institute poll) that show different election outcomes based on one gender's voting.

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According to the stats, if only women voted, Hillary would become the next POTUS with 458 electoral votes to Trump's mere 80.

And if only men voted, the Donald would head to the White House with 350 electoral votes to Hillary's 188.


As it turns out, some people, who have expressed support for Trump in some way, had used the #Repealthe19th Twitter hashtag before Five Thirty-Eight released its infographics. (A few tweets occured shortly after the first presidential debate.) And some of the tweets that contributed to its trending after the infograph's release were from women as equally disgusted with the notion to #Repealthe19th as we are. 

Of course, even a handful of notions to "win" the election by discriminating against half the population (see some examples below) are too many. Did anyone ever stop to think that Donald Trump, a man who already has misogynistic fires to put out, does not need any more bad press?

Or, maybe they didn't get the memo that thoughts like this are deplorable? (Wink. Wink.

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Yeah ... I don't think this is the best way for Trump supporters to help repair his image and show that he's a champion for women.

Granted, Donald hasn't been seen using the #Repealthe19th hashtag anywhere, but the unapologetic rhetoric that his campaign so proudly boasts is, to put it mildly, making Trump less and less appealing.

And this new level of foolishness is only helping Hillary.

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Being an independent voter, I can't say that Trump's campaign has been music to my ears. If anything, this -- coupled with asking Muslims to "report on each other," only speaking to the black community when he talks about the inner city (I live in a suburb outside of Buffalo, though I can relay your "inner city" message to Michael Phelps, who lives in Baltimore), and the failure to lay out a feasible plan -- doesn't inspire me to cast a vote for him come November 8.

Can't say that I'm shocked about the new low #Repealthe19th reaches, but at this point in the game, who actually is? 


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