100 Reasons We're Celebrating a Century of Planned Parenthood & You Should, Too

Planned Parenthood is not only the go-to health care provider for millions of women in the US and a trusted and much-loved distributor of birth control and abortions, but by measure of their work, their clientele, and the fights they fight to hold onto both, they've been a de facto symbol of the feminist movement since Margaret Sanger founded the first clinic in 1916. On October 16, Planned Parenthood turns 100 years old. That means it's their freaking birthday, and we're celebrating by listing 100 ways PP has made our lives better.


Planned Parenthood, for 100 years, you've made the world a better place by:

  1. Guaranteeing us our right to, as you put it, manage our own fertility.
  2. Literally existing to help women.
  3. But also serving men.
  4. Providing annual care to 2.5 million people.
  5. Two!
  6. Point!
  7. Five!
  8. Million!!!

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  9. Giving us a reason to obsess over your president Cecile Richards.
  10. Preventing 579,000 unintended pregnancies every year.
  11. And helping to make sure that prevention doesn't cost more than it has to.
  12. And being really cool about it all.
  13. Blessing us with your Twitter account:
  14. Just, in general, upping the amount of feminism in our lives.
  15. And the amount of body positive language we hear.
  16. Testing people for STIs more than 4.2 million times a year.
  17. Even though that's gotta be, like, super not fun for you.
  18. Being pink. Have we ever thanked you for that?

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  19. Creating a safe space to have an abortion.
  20. And making the procedure affordable.
  21. And not, like, shaming us for doing it.
  22. Providing us will the pill.
  23. And IUDs.
  24. And the patch.
  25. And Nuva Rings.
  26. And the morning after pill.
  27. And these condoms:
  28. And also these condoms:

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  29. (And also not making us feel weird about asking about any of those things.)
  30. Giving us loving, caring physicians.
  31. And experiences
  32. worth
  33. talking
  34. about.
  35. Being a space where underprivileged women can access quality health care.
  36. Being a space where ALL women can access quality health care.
  37. (And all men.)
  38. Endorsing Hillary Clinton ...
  39. ... especially since you've never endorsed anyone during the primaries before.

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  40. Putting our donations to good use.
  41. And letting us know that with your 96 percent transparency rating.
  42. Just being cool? That can count, right?
  43. Not letting the haters (and their outright lies) get to you.
  44. Also, not letting the protesters outside of every door you have get to you.
  45. Reaching 1.5 million people every year with your educational blessing and outreach.
  46. Building every one of your 650 health centers.
  47. And always dreaming about building more: 
  48. Doing that thing where you promised not to accept reimbursement costs for fetal tissue samples to make anti-abortion activists feel better and to take away all basis of their annoying claims that didn't really have a base anyway.
  49. And doing things like that instead of things that make us angry.
  50. Just having a Snapchat. Obviously.
  51. Having a Spanish version of your website.

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  52. Being supported by a mostly volunteer workforce when you first started.
  53. AKA, being run on love and generosity.
  54. And making us run to you with love and generosity.
  55. Also, by being founded after a doctor told Margaret Sanger that protecting a sexually active woman from pregnancy "can't be done."
  56. Encouraging us to be ourselves.
  57. Creating the Margaret Sanger Awards to celebrate some really rad people.
  58. Also bringing us Margaret Sanger, who was a rad person.
  59. And setting the record straight about her, you know, not being racist.
  60. Being on the right side of history about pretty much everything.
  61. Like providing free birth control before the law required you to.

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  62. Wanting to knock out the Hyde Amendment.
  63. So basically, being aware of Hyde's mistreatment of lower income women and women of color.
  64. And wanting to not make that a thing anymore.
  65. And raising awareness about it.
  66. Selling t-shirts (all of which are great, by the way).
  67. Selling mugs and other stuff (which are also great. By the way).
  68. Making sex ed fun and ... smiley:
  69. Doing breast exams -- like 360,000 of them every year.
  70. Celebrating sexuality in all its forms.
  71. And not being a dick about treating trans patients.
  72. And helping trans patients get hormone treatments, if that's what they're interested in.
  73. Knowing your way around a gif.
  74. Fighting for your (and our) rights in court (Planned Parenthood v. Casey).

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  75. Again (Planned Parenthood of Central Missouri v. Danforth).
  76. And again (Planned Parenthood v. American Coalition of Life Activists). 
  77. And again (Gonzales v. Planned Parenthood). 
  78. (We could go on.)
  79. Making global health part of your mission.
  80. As part of that, creating Planned Parenthood Global and International Planned Parenthood Federation to spread care to 189 countries.
  81. (Many of which, for the record, are countries where quality care for women is not easily come by.)
  82. Sharing easy ways for us to hashtag our way to equality.
  83. And making it easy to get involved locally.
  84. Can Ceceile Richards be another one? Thanks.
  85. Teaching us about 100 years of birth control with the most beautiful infographic pretty much ever.
  86. Being called, until 1942, the American Birth Control League
  87. But then eventually changing your name to Planned Parenthood, because that's totally way better anyway.
  88. Referring to pregnancy/our uteruses as "biological slavery." (Technically, Margaret Sanger did this, but it still counts.)

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  89. Being so important that some Republicans would shut the government down over you.
  90. Having pink hyperlinks on your website. That's just cool.
  91. Representing in Rory Gilmore's bedroom.
  92. Building birth control–themed bike racks outside your Southwestern Oregon location:

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  93. Schooling us on endometriosis.
  94. And, like, everything else.
  95. (But in a kind way.)
  96. Being an essential figure on college campuses.
  97. Constantly bashing Donald Trump. (#NotSorry.)
  98. Symbolizing feminism for us, our grandmothers, and our granddaughters.
  99. Always giving us quotes to live by.
  100. Finally, being around for 100 years. That's pretty cool.


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