Women Protesting RNC & Trump Prove It's Millennials on the Front Line of Feminism

For all of the talk from pollsters and pundits about how to engage millennial women voters in the election, it seems Donald Trump has found the secret: offend, enrage, and threaten them. A group of young women called #AllofUs2016 is staging protests demanding the RNC withdraw support from Trump and denouncing his sexism and racism. It's girl power 2.0.


One of the leaders of the group is 26-year-old Yong Jung Cho, a daughter of immigrants who organized protests at Republican National Headquarters on October 12 and Trump Tower on October 13 to demand the Republican National Commitee un-endorse Trump.

"People are angry ... really frustrated and angry," Cho told CafeMom. "And they're pissed off at Republican party leaders."

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The women in the group come from all sorts of races and backgrounds, Cho explained. Many are sexual assault survivors and allies who want to see Trump held accountable for his comments on the Access Hollywood tapes where he brags about assaulting women. What these women are asking the RNC and Republican leaders is simple: un-endorse Trump. Withdraw support. So far, their protests have been met with crickets from GOP bigwigs.

Well, except for one: a protest Cho organized at Paul Ryan's office on September 20. But instead of acknowledging their protest, Speaker Ryan sent in cops and had Cho's group arrested, she said.

"Paul Ryan chose to arrest a bunch of young people," she said.

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Here's a look at the October 13 protest, which includes a birthday shout-out to Cho's mom. Also notice the mom with the stroller on the front lines. Boss.

Here's Cho and her sister:

"We're here because Donald Trump is a sexist predator," Cho explains in a video recorded at the group's October 12 protest at the RNC. "He's made sexist, racist, and xenophopic comments and yet the Republican Party continues to endorse him."

The protest is powerful and painful to watch:

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Looking at this, you have to wonder why milennial women don't get more credit for feminist crusading like this. For example, former Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz called young women "complacent" in a New York Times interview in January.

Here's one woman from today's #AllofUs2016 protest outside of Trump Tower. This doesn't look like complacency to me.

True, millennial women didn't have the knee-jerk reaction to run to the support of Hillary Clinton. Cho and her group are also incredibly critical of what she calls "Wall Street Democrats." And regardless of your politics, it's hard to deny Clinton is cozy with Wall Street.

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Anyone who doubts that millennial women will turn out to vote in November should look at polls. One from September that polled the 4 million readers of TheSkimm reported that 97 percent of female millennial voters said they planned to vote in the upcoming election.

But these women care about more than just electing a lady.

Cho says she's committed to supporting Clinton over Trump and is excited about the history that would be made by electing the first woman as president, but that doesn't mean she and her group aren't going to keep the pressure on Clinton. Her woman card doesn't get her a pass from these ladies who, as Cho puts it, don't want a bunch of "Wall Street cronies" advising Clinton throughout her presidency.

Fair enough.

So those who suggest our young women don't appreciate the rights feminism has given them, I would like to point them in the direction of Cho and her sisters at #AllofUs2016 who are mad as hell that our political institutions would abide a presidential candidate like Trump.

And they're demanding more than just gender equality. They want racial, social, and economic justice and equality, too.

For that -- and everything else -- they deserve our support and respect.

Their feminism might not look like Clinton's or Wasserman Schultz's -- it's younger, for one thing, and arguably more complicated and inclusive. But these women are no less fierce or committed to standing up for women's rights. They're doing the work on the front lines for all of us -- and most importantly, for our daughters.

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Feast your eyes on American girl politics 2.0 and know that the Trumps of the world don't stand a chance.


Image via Yong Jung Cho/Twitter

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