Donald Trump's Debate Lurking Is Now a Meme That's All Too Real for Many Women

The stage on which the second presidential debate took place was small. There were no podiums, no designated spots to stand. Clinton used the opportunity to walk up to the edge of the stage and look voters in the eye as she answered their questions. Trump used the opportunity to follow Hillary around and stand behind during her time to speak. The resulting images have turned into one of the most talked about memes post-debate, and with good reason: These images are a perfect representation of how Trump reacts to and interacts with women. Which, for the record, is not well.


Political Twitter, bless its soul, has had fun with the clips of Trump leering at the back of Hillary's head.

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And because Trump is clearly terrifying, the similarities to horror movies are not far off. 

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But the best, realest, and most terrifying connections were to women's everyday interactions with some men, and how Trump's treatment of Hillary during the debate summed them all up eerily well.

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Donald Trump is not a friend to women, and the truth of this statement is in the way he stands behind Hillary, demanding attention just by being present. It's in the way he squints at the back of her head, questioning the credibility of everything she says. It's in the jut of his jaw and the squaring of his shoulder -- literally everything about his presence is demanding power over her, attention over her, and intimidation over her. His looming presence is the physical manifestation of the belittling rhetoric he consistently uses and the actual mansplaining that he doled out in the previous debate.

He's bullying her with everything he says and every motion he makes. It's impossible to look at this without seeing what that means for us, women who are citizens and enjoy autonomy, if he were ever to take power. 

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Hillary, for her part, dealt with the bullying the way we were always taught to (but never managed to pull off): She didn't engage.


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