The Presidential Endorsements Are In & These 12 Major Publications Are Unanimous

We're electing a new president this year, so of course history is being documented as we speak. But 2016 isn't just your average election year -- for many reasons. One of the most glaring: It's less than a month until Election Day, and the GOP nominee is still without a single daily newspaper endorsement. Many major publications that have always backed the Republican party nominee have refused to endorse Trump -- or, in some cases, any candidate at all. Not all publications are endorsing Hillary Clinton, but they're unanimous about one thing: #NeverTrump.


Here, 12 major outlets' historic presidential endorsements that went out in 2016. Their support for Hillary Clinton and/or complete repudiation of Donald Trump prove this election year is truly like no other.


Images via Ron S/ZUMA Press/Splash News

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