10 Ways Donald Trump Is Downright Dangerous for You, Me & Our Kids

Somehow, Donald Trump has made it through a full year of lumbering around and letting his offensive, terrible thoughts pour out of his mouth like drool without really losing any political steam. Clearly, that says a lot about our country right now. It probably says more about Donald Trump. But regardless, we tend to get so distracted by the drool and the one-offs and the taxes that we forget Donald Trump is a really, really dangerous man. 

With one month left before we head to the polls, it's a great time to revisit all the ways Donald Trump has actually hurt women and how a Donald Trump presidency would be literally disastrous for our country. For just a minute, we need to dig past the dumb stuff he says (don't worry, we can save it for later) and the missing policies and actionable items in his platform so we get to the root of his issues. And, more importantly, what those issues would mean for us.

Buckle up, kids.


Image via Ron S/ZUMA Press/Splash News

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