Nope, This Insanely Racist 'O'Reilly Factor' Chinatown Clip Is Not Even a Little OK

We know Fox News is not known to be particularly accepting or progressive, but God -- some of the stuff they say still completely shocks us. Like, in what world is it okay to broadcast offensive and inaccurate Asian stereotypes on live TV? The answer, we guess, should be obvious: In Fox News's world. Apparently.


The offending segment was hosted by The O'Reilly Factor correspondent Jesse Watters. It was supposed to be a discussion about Chinese-American relations (which was a big topic during the presidential debate) via insights from the Asian community living the US. That discussion is actually one we really should be having, but the "Watters' World" clip was not that.

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Instead, it was a deeply offensive and misinformed exploitation of the Asian-American community, all for the sake of cheap "laughs" (which is going in quotes because none of it actually made us laugh). Here, watch:


We'd say we were offended from the very first second Watters was on screen, but, to be honest, as soon as Bill O'Reilly said he was sending Jesse Watters to Chinatown, we knew we were in trouble.

Of course, though, it got worse -- first with the "Asian" transition music, then with Watters's first question ("Am I supposed to bow to say hello?"). Then, after five minutes of insulting interviewees by putting subtitles on perfectly understandable, if accented, English, asking questions like "Is it the year of the dragon?" and trying karate (which is Japanese, not Chinese) in front of A KOREAN FLAG to prove he's the most uninformed asshole currently given bandwidth on national TV, Watters and O'Reilly wrapped up by expressing their surprise that these (presumably) American citizens are interested in and knowledgeable about politics.

Eff. Them.

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We get that this was meant to be funny. But comedy cannot come at the expense of an entire community of people. It's cruel and wrong. And insane that we still have to spell this out in 2016.

The Asian American Journalists Associationand tons and tons of people on Twittervarious public officials, and all the people protesting outside Fox's Manhattan headquarters, demanded an apology from Watters, and he gave it. Sort of. 

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We're not satisfied with this, but knowing Fox & Co., it's as good as we're going to get. This isn't the first time it has broadcast really, really troubling "Watters' World" segments, and we can't imagine it'll be the last.

But this sh*t has to stop, and we need to make sure they hear us telling them it isn't okay. Hopefully, this time, enough people are pissed that they'll listen.

We guess we'll see.


Image via Fox News/YouTube

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