Millions Force Poland to Reject Abortion Ban -- Because That Sh*t Won't Fly in 2016

Wroclaw, Poland, 2016 10 03 - protest against anti-abortion law forced by Polish government PIS, black protest -

The voice of the people have spoken. Polish legislators rejected a countrywide abortion ban supported by the country's conservative ruling party that would've made terminating a pregnancy illegal and punishable for women by up to five years' imprisonment. (Doctors administering an abortion would have also been punished.) And while we celebrate this victory -- and the badass women who took to the streets to knock down such a horrific ban -- it's a damn shame we STILL have to fight for control over our own bodies and the right to make decisions for ourselves.


If ever there was a time for you to feel empowered to stand up for your rights and those around you, this is it.

An estimated six million protesters "trumped" 450,000 citizens who signed the proposal that would've almost completely banned abortion in Poland -- including this ultra-cool woman who is sick and tired of having to challenge bullsh*t policies that shouldn't even be a thought in 2016.

*Mic drop* 

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This visual, of six million women uniting -- regardless of faith, race, and sexual orientation -- for a single cause is a mighty force you simply cannot turn away from.

And thankfully, the Polish government heard their roar with a vote of 352 to 18.

WARSAW, POLAND - OCTOBER 03, 2016: Polish women donned black, boycotting jobs and classes as part of a nationwide strike to protest a legislative proposal for a total ban on abortion.

At some point, we all need to agree that laws that completely take away citizens' natural-born rights to decide what's best for them isn't the way to go.

As it stands, Poland already has strict abortion policies in place that prohibit a woman from terminating a pregnancy unless under extenuating circumstances -- including incest and rape, if the mom's life is in danger, or if the fetus is severely damaged.

This makes you wonder why some would think additional legislation -- banning abortions entirely (except in cases in which the mother's life is at serious risk) -- would be needed.

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I believe life begins at conception, but cannot bring myself to tell a fellow woman what she can and cannot do with her body. While I think that there needs to be some restrictions regarding abortions, for the sake of safety and personal ethics, having a government dictate -- especially to the point of enforcing jail time -- is just ... wrong.

I commend these women for taking a stand on potential legislation that further limits their personal freedoms -- and could end up being so detrimental to so many. Heaven only knows what would've happened -- and the potential self-harm women might've caused -- if there was no access to safe abortions.

And thankfully, these women took a stand for all of us ...


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