Racist Code Some Trump Supporters Made Up Is Awful & That Means We Gotta Listen

Apparently, one of the hot new trends among Donald Trump supporters is using code words to represent the most heinous racial slurs imaginable so they can freely express their bigotry on social media without running afoul of Twitter's standards. Deplorable, indeed.


The code reportedly first appeared in one of our least favorite places on the Internet, 4chan, where a few members came up with the idea so they could skirt the programs that detect and report online abuse.

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And while it's probably not true that all of the racist code's most fluent social media users are Trump supporters, a quick search through profiles using them turns up an uncomfortable amount of references to the GOP presidential candidate.

The code is so awful, we don't even want to reprint it. But journalist Alex Goldman tweeted a key to decoding the specifics for those curious.

According to his key, the code uses words like "Skype" to describe Jewish people, "Yahoo" to refer to Mexicans, "Butterfly" to talk about gay men (and more! There are more). There's even a nod to Donald Trump Jr. in the code -- it renames Muslims "Skittles" in reference to a controversial tweet Donald Jr. sent last month comparing Syrian refugees to candies.

Of course, most of the words replace slurs instead of the proper, non-offensive ways to refer to these groups. Hence the deplorableness. Plus, we think it's safe to say that a hugely offensive code that offers a "shout-out" to a major presidential candidate's son should be problematic for every American.

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It wouldn't be fair or accurate to say that everyone using this language is a Trump supporter, but the number of profiles that reference Trump's campaign is troubling. It feels almost as if Trump has become a racist meme far more recognizable than Pepe the Frog.

Of course, that's not to say these slurs (or the people who use them) weren't around before the Trump campaign kicked off. They were, and their kind will out-survive most of those cheap Trump hats. But the fact that Trump is drawing out these sorts of views and welcoming them into mainstream politics, around kitchen tables, and onto debate stages should make us all really, really worry.

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Why? Because when Trump talks, his racism isn't contorted into something less grotesque-sounding like "Skittles." It's out there for everyone to see. And people are getting the message and are being encouraged by the rhetoric, which is basically how we ended up with some of the worst, most devestating human rights violations in history.

Here's a message from Donald Trump Jr.'s Instagram celebrating his inclusion into the ranks of alt-right heroes like Pepe the Frog, Alex Jones, and Milo Yiannopoulos. He's telling American voters precisely the kind of company Trump and his family will keep if they make it to the White House.

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This isn't in good fun. This is dangerous.

This Twitter code is cluing us into who's paying attention to Trump and who's acting on what they hear. So the important question is this: Are the rest of us ready to listen, too? And act out in a way that will reject this kind of public discourse in our country?

We need the answer to be yes. 


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