Teen Attacked for 'Pro-Cop' Stance -- but Nothing He Said Could Justify Violence

No matter your political affiliation, race, or what "Lives Matter" hashtag you think is most important, using violence to prove your point is NEVER the way. Period. Brian Ogle is a 17-year-old who was savagely beaten for voicing his support for cops. And if the story of this white Alabama teen, whose skull was fractured as a result of his attack after a homecoming game at school, does not anger you, you might be part of the problem.


The Washington Post reports this teen was threatened in school and pistol-whipped at the time of his attack because he allegedly voiced opposition to students wearing Black Lives Matter shirts to school.

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Listen, I'm one of the the first to voice my concerns over racial tension -- including the need for police and policy reform ... but this pisses me off, both as a mother and a human being.

I don't care what Brian publicly supported, whether or not he thinks news of racial tension and injustice is that serious, or who he hangs out with in his high school.

No one deserves to be attacked like this -- period.

Thankfully, Brian is showing signs of progress in his recovery (he's been upgraded from critical to fair condition). As much as police and Sylacauga High School are looking for answers (authorities says there's no evidence that supports the Black Lives Matter organization was involved), this incident should've never happened in the first place.

All I can do is scream and yell "Wake up!" with everything that's inside of me. Tell me, what does harming a student who disagrees with your views do to promote unity? And how does attacking a white person for failing to acknowledge surrounding discrimination help mend racial divides?

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Do I have friends or know people who don't see eye-to-eye with me on issues of race? Yeah, of course. But have I ever been involved in a discussion that got so heated it resulted in physical violence?

Absolutely not.

The fact that children are now taking it upon themselves to enforce "street justice" proves we have so far to go as a society.

What example are we setting for our kids that would make anyone think something like this is okay?

I pray to see the day when all of us can come to the table to sit down and have an honest dialogue without the need for fists and bloodshed. We need to build each other up instead of tear each other down with hate.

I pray for healing for Brian Ogle and others like him who have suffered from unthinkable hate crimes like this just as much as I pray for healing for the divide in our country.

... Because their lives matter to me, and they should to you, too.

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