Trump Still Doesn't Know Calling a Woman 'Fat' Is Wrong -- Just Ask Miss Universe

Donald Trump wanted to set the record straight about Hillary Clinton's debate-night attack accusing him of calling a Miss Universe contestant "Miss Piggy." So the next morning he decided to take a phone interview with Fox & Friends, of course not to deny it, but to assure America she really did get super fat. And no, you're not being "Punk'd," America. Sorry.


Donald Trump, in all of his mansplaining misogyny, is so clueless, so tone-deaf about how to treat women with respect, that he didn't even grasp that his treatment of Alicia Machado, a Venezuelan who won Miss Universe (Trump's pageant) in 1996, was offensive. Clinton, meanwhile, was attacking him because it was sexist and cruel with a dash of racism thrown in for flavor.

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"He called this woman Miss Piggy," Clinton said during the debate, attacking Trump's sexist behavior. "Then he called her Miss Housekeeping because she was Latina."

Just, ew.

Trump, for his part, denied he ever said it during the debate. It didn't really get much attention. That wasn't even the most blatant example of Trump's insanity during those 90 minutes. He interrupted Clinton 51 times, according to Vox, in a display that plenty of women could relate to. He also made multiple ridiculous, demonstrably false statements throughout and sniffed and fidgeted so much people started asking questions. 

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It was by all accounts a devastating debate for Team Trump.

Which is why it was so nuts that one of the first interviews he gave following his disastrous performance wasn't focused on cleaning up his mess of a foreign policy position, or his birther reversal. No, Donald was focused on Machado, a beauty queen he insulted 20 years ago and has since admitted to have suffered from eating disorders as a result.

"I know that person. That person was a Miss Universe person," Trump inserted into an interview with Fox & Friends. "And she was the worst we ever had, the worst, the absolute worst, she was impossible. She gained a massive amount of weight, and it was a real problem. We had a real problem. Not only that, her attitude."

Yes, this is for real. Here's the clip. Please keep your eye on the faces of the hosts as he unpacks this whole mess.

Real presidential.

But for all of his Rosie O'Donnell insults and face shaming Carly Fiorina and saying that the first woman presidential candidate doesn't have the "stamina" or the "look" for the Oval Office, Trump actually represents a real opportunity to feminists everywhere. Because you don't have to be Emma Watson to pick up on the intense sexism coming from Trump and his crew and to see how gross and unfair it really us. It is there. For everyone to hear and see.

Trump doesn't do subtle and his sexism is no different. Like with Trump's racism, he proudly wears his belief that women are only as valuable as the sum of their sex parts. To Trump, and men like him, women aren't people who deserve dignity or respect, they're the same as a new jet or tasty piece of property -- they exist to make Trump feel good about himself. Nothing more.

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It doesn't appear to have ever crossed Trump's mind that most women have dealt with an entitled misogynist just like him at one time or another in our lives. And we abhor them. They lecture us about topics we know far more about and focus on our looks, rather than what we're saying. They dismiss our contributions or take credit.

And we're sick to death of it.

The bright side? For this moment in history, women have the perfect contrast of candidates to offer a tangible example of exactly what sexism is and what it looks like. Because right now the most famous, visible man in the world is such an unapologetic sexist that we no longer have to work very hard to make the case for why we need feminism to even the most reluctant converts. He's a misogyny mascot.

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Not only are Trump's own comments about women -- including his wives, and even his daughter -- over his many decades of public life stomach-turning, but he surrounds himself with the likes of Roger Ailes, who was just ousted at Fox News amid accusations from several women of sexual harassment.

So in a perverted way we have Trump to thank for shining a bright light on why women need to fight like hell for more representation in every level of government. Because the country is full of Donald Trumps who don't even think we deserve basic respect.

Trump is why we need feminism. His treatment of women isn't just despicable and showing of a lack of moral character. It's just fundamentally inhumane.


Image via Wayne Erickson/YouTube

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