Hillary Clinton Ad Shows How Trump's Words Are Damaging for Our Daughters

hillary clinton videoWhile politicians often rely on rumors and scandals to make opposing candidates look bad, to disparage Donald Trump all Hillary Clinton's campaign has to do is use the Republican presidential nominee's own words against him. Case in point: A new ad from the Clinton camp featuring some of Trump's most misogynistic quotes to ask a very serious question: Is this the president we want for our daughters?


The new video, titled "Mirrors," shows a series of young girls looking at their reflections (in mirrors, of course, and one cell phone) as Trump's voice plays in the background: 

"I'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers ... she is a slob." 

"A person who is flat chested is very hard to be a 10."

"Does she have a good body, no. Does she have a fat (censored)? Absolutely."

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Just abhorrent. (And yes, that last one was about Kim Kardashian.) But as awful as those words look in print, to actually hear them while looking at the faces of innocent girls filled with self-doubt and burgeoning insecurities is heartbreaking:

Answer: No. This is NOT the president we want for our daughters. If someone in your personal life talked that way, you would most likely let all their calls go to voicemail and spend entire family functions avoiding them -- yet thousands and thousands of people are okay with their presidential candidate saying these things? It's incomprehensible.

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It's particularly difficult to understand how anyone with a daughter can accept the idea of a leader who consistently demeans women in his words and actions. Isn't it obvious that a Trump presidency will only mean more disrespect for and discrimination against women (as if we didn't have enough of that to deal with already)? That's not a future I want for my daughter, or anyone's daughter. But, horrifyingly, it's a future that might become a reality, if more people don't pay attention to ads like this one.


Image via Hillary Clinton/YouTube

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