11 Stars We May Need to Referee -- er, Moderate -- the Presidential Debate

Clinton Trump
With the first presidential debate fast approaching, we're anticipating plenty of fireworks. Watching Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump face off has the potential for more drama than all the Bachelor final rose ceremonies put together. NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt will serve as moderator and we wish the veteran journalist all the best -- because he's going to need it. If Holt is having any second thoughts about refereeing what's sure to be a battle royale, we've selected 11 stars we'd love to see step up to the plate. 


These personalities are well versed in dealing with some interesting characters. 

This Bravo host is no stranger to fighting. Anyone who can sit through multi-part Real Housewives reunions and prevent those feisty ladies from pulling each other's weaves off surely can handle these candidates. Andy Cohen, you've got our vote.

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This no-nonsense lady would definitely keep the candidates on topic. Judge Judy, don't forget your gavel -- something tells us you would need it.

You know we're in for a wild night, so we can't help but wonder: Will Holt be able to keep a poker face during this one? We secretly hope not. Here's a host who is delightfully expressive and quite familiar with "feud"ing. Steve Harvey, are you free Monday night? 

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We know from her hit show Broad City that this creative genius is #WithHer, so we'd love to see Ilana Glazer try to keep her "Yasss Queen!"s to herself during the debate. 

This man has had to step in to ref some pretty heated battles (Maury Povich is pretty much one of the OGs of moderating crazy fights), meaning he's perfectly suited to keep these two in line. 

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No stranger to an exaggerated eye roll and putting guests in the hot seat, Wendy Williams could certainly give moderating a go. 

Though sensors would have to bleep the f*cking daylights out of everything that would come out of his mouth, we'd love to see the hot-tempered Gordon Ramsay keep Clinton and Trump on their toes as they undoubtedly veer off course.

Based on those "Amy Goes Deep" clips at the end of Inside Amy Schumer and her straight-faced man-on-the-street interviews, we think this bold comedian would make the ultimate moderator.

He's accustomed to speaking his mind and calling people out on their BS, so we'd love to see America's Got Talent judge Simon Cowell weigh in on these performances.

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After watching countless people turn on each other inside the Big Brother house, Julie Chen has the chops for this gig. 

If he can handle those Men (& Women) Tell All specials, Chris Harrison can sit through anything!

We'll let you know after Monday night if even these stars would be up to the task. 


Image via Ricky Fitchett / ZUMA Press / Splash News; Bruce Cotler / ZUMA Press / Splash News 

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