Police Kill Another Unarmed Black Man & We Need to Demand Justice -- Now

The next time someone gets upset about Colin Kaepernick copycats or angry at Black Lives Matter protests, show them this video. It shows an unarmed, 40-year-old Terence Crutcher being killed by a Tulsa police officer with his hands up. It's time for Americans to demand justice.


Crutcher's SUV was stopped in the middle of the road. He was having car trouble. Instead of offering him assistance, officer Betty Shelby shot and killed him. One of the officers observing Crutcher's murder from above in a helicopter could be heard saying he looked like "a big bad dude," according to NBC News.

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Once again, we can all see with our own eyes that being black in America is deadly. Here's the video, which is graphic and disturbing.

His twin sister, Tiffany, stood in front of the media to set the record straight about who her brother was:

You all want to know who that 'big bad dude' was? That 'big bad dude' was my twin brother. That 'big bad dude' was a father. That 'big bad dude' was a son. That 'big bad dude' was enrolled at Tulsa Comm