Amal Clooney Is Taking ISIS to Court for Genocide & She Needs Us to Pay Attention

We knew right away that Amal Clooney was an actual superhero, and judging from her passion and talent and solid gold heart, she's been that way her entire life. As a human rights lawyer, she's taken on some big cases in her life (representing Julian Assange or freeing the Al Jazeera journalists in Egyptian prison, for example), but her latest feels, to us, like the biggest yet: She's fighting ISIS by representing a young woman named Nadia Murad, who survived ISIS's abuses and wants to bring attention to the genocide happening. Taking the case was a huge move that puts everyone involved in danger, but part of the long-term goal is awareness of the human rights violations happening. So we owe it to these women to listen.


Amal introduced the case in front of UN representatives in New York on September 16. On September 19, she went on Today to talk about why she was taking on this fight:

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She said that she can't ignore the cries of help from the people terrorized by ISIS's genocide, including Nadia's. As soon as she heard her story -- and the stories of other girls as young as 11 years old -- she realized she couldn't walk away.

But ISIS is enormously powerful and making hers the face of the legal battle against them is not even a little bit safe -- for her or for her family. Still, she and her husband knew the risk, and she said they decided together that she needed to take it.

And that's what makes her a superhero. It's so easy to let this stuff go -- when you're half a world away, it's easy to make a donation once and feel like you've done your part. We don't all have the skills or the education or, honestly, the freedom to put our families at risk like that. But even if we did, we'd be too scared. But Amal isn't, so she's taking this on for everyone there ... and so everyone here will listen up and pay attention.

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When Today's Cynthia McFadden brought up the people who'd like to see ISIS "bombed out of existence," Amal said, "It's not enough. You can't kill an idea that way. I think one of the ways to take action is to expose their brutality and their corruption, and partly you can do that through trials."

She's right. But there's no way it's going to be an easy fight.


Image via Janet Mayer/Splash News

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