Teacher Leaves Gun in School Bathroom, Proving Our Kids' Safety Is on Us

A thoughtless teacher left a loaded pistol in a school bathroom where it was found by a group of kids, ages 6 to 8. Nice. But her reckless behavior highlights something every parent should always have in mind: It's up to us to keep our kids safe, because the world is full of armed people doing incredibly stupid things.


In addition to losing her teaching job at Cumberland Valley Christian School in Pennsylvania (she thankfully resigned), according to police, 63-year-old Beth Jean Dixon is being charged with two misdemeanors -- endangering the welfare of a child and reckless endangerment.

Apparently, she went into the unisex bathroom, removed her holstered, loaded gun, and put it on top of the toilet tank while she did her biz. Then, oopsies! Dixon forgot it. It was discovered by a group of kids, one of whom understood how dangerous it was and ran and told a parent.

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Thank goodness.

Why did a teacher need a loaded weapon at school? Who knows. Cumberland Valley Christian School president Mike Sanders said it never occurred to administrators to put a policy into effect banning guns. Now, they've gone ahead and let teachers know they don't want them showing up to teach PE with a Saturday night special strapped to their thigh.

Yes, folks, it's not just nutso mass shooters we have to worry about bringing guns into the classroom. Now teachers are bringing in their own arsenal in case they need to deal out a little vigilante justice during snack time.

But there are plenty of leaders who think arming teachers is a smart idea. In fact, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump lines up with the National Rifle Association on a policy of arming teachers to stop school gun violence. Somehow I don't see how catching kids in crossfire is a smart solution, but there are respected people in the world who see guns in schools as solid policy.

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It's already happening. Guns in schools is already a thing.

So-called "Campus Carry" legislation has forced colleges and universities across the country to allow licensed gun owners to carry concealed weapons on school grounds, according to Armed Campuses.

Parents can no longer assume their kids' schools are going to be gun-free. So the only thing we can do is what the parents at Cumberland Valley Christian obviously did -- told their kids guns can kill them and if they see one, run like hell and tell an adult.

With school back in full swing, let's all take the time to talk to our kids today about how dangerous a loaded gun can be. Because sadly not all adults have gotten the memo on that just yet.

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"I thank all who pray for our school daily, for parents who taught their children what to do when they see a loaded gun," Sanders reportedly said about the incident.

Guns are everywhere. It's the best thing we can do to protect our kids.

Anyone else need an aspirin right about now?


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