Simone Biles Defends Her ADHD After Her Files Are Leaked & We Only Love Her More

The US Olympic team has certainly undergone its share of scorn and scrutiny this season, and our favorite gold medal gymnast is the latest victim: Simone Biles's medical records were leaked, revealing that she has ADHD and has taken medication for it since childhood. Instead of being embarrassed by the disclosure, Biles is owning it -- and hopefully her openness and honesty can help others with the same condition. 


After blowing our minds in Rio and collecting four gold medals, Biles has once again proven she's a champion by speaking out about the leak with her signature grace and strength:

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The info leaked about the gymnast revealed that she'd tested positive for methylphenidate, which sounds scary but is really just Ritalin -- a drug commonly used to treat ADHD. Though the substance is banned by the World Anti-Doping Association (WADA), Biles filed the necessary paperwork and received an exemption on account of her condition. 

Steve Penny, president of USA Gymnastics, released a statement explaining that Biles didn't violate any WADA rules.

"The International Gymnastics Federation, the United States Olympic Committee and USADA have confirmed this," he said. "Simone and everyone at USA Gymnastics believe in the importance of a level playing field for all athletes."

While this information is personal and should be kept confidential, it's awesome to see Biles discussing it like it's NBD -- because it isn't. Her condition (which is shared by millions) is nothing to feel embarrassed about. 

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Being an athlete probably also helps Biles keep her ADHD in check. A recent study showed that regular physical activity helped to decrease the severity of symptoms associated with ADHD and also improved cognitive functioning in kids. 

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Looking at all Biles has achieved has to serve as a beacon of hope for parents whose children have been diagnosed with the condition. And it's a lot of children -- 11 percent of kids ages 4 to 17 have ADHD, according to the Centers for Disease Control. 

While it's a shame Simone was forced to address her condition not on her own time frame, we admire her for discussing it with such refreshing candor. Biles continues to be a great role model and inspiration for all ages. 


Image via Nancy Kaszerman/ZUMA Press/Splash News 

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