Where Trump & Clinton Stand on the 9 Issues That Affect Moms Most

It's officially fall 2016, which means that, at long last, election season is coming to a close. But before we go to the polls, we get to debate. Or, well, we've been doing that. But we get to watch the candidates debate -- for once, they're forced to stand next to each other and give direct (ish) answers to questions we care about. And boy, do we have questions.

As women and mothers with a strong interest in creating a world that's kind to us and a future that's kind to our kids, we're taking a look at the issues that are important to us -- and where Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump stand on them right now. 

Hopefully, we'll get some more answers about the issues that matter.


Images via Joe Raedle/Getty; Andrew Burton/Getty

  • Paid Maternity Leave: Trump


    Trump's maternity leave plan would guarantee mothers six weeks of paid leave, but that's just thing: It's only for mothers. From what we can tell so far, it'd exclude fathers and same-sex couples from taking advantage of the benefits. So it sounds like it favors women, except for maybe not -- experts are saying that Trump's plan could very easily lead to hiring discrimination from employers who don't want to pay maternity leave.

  • Paid Maternity Leave: Clinton


    Clinton's family leave plan differs fairly dramatically from Trump's: Instead of six weeks paid leave, she's offering 12. Plus, by calling it "family leave" instead of "maternity leave," she suggests a plan that fathers can take advantage of as well. She also guarantees that workers will get at least two-thirds of their current wages while on leave, and she ensures that small businesses will pick up the tab (her tax reforms will hit the wealthy instead).

  • Childcare: Trump