Rape Is Women's Fault, If You Ask Trump's Adviser & Everything Sucks, If You Ask Us

You know those signs on construction sites that are like "We've gone 17 days without an accident!" and then then next day, they erase the 17 and put in an 18? Okay, well, this election cycle has been like that, except we're working on a sign that says "We've gone __ days without being offended by Donald Trump's campaign!" and that blank space never sees a number much higher than, like, five. Today, it's at zero again, thanks to Donald Trump's ever-charming campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, who, apparently, thinks women are at fault for rape because they're not strong enough to fight men off. God, and we had almost made it a full day. 


To be totally fair to Conway, she did say that in 2013. But in a way, that almost makes it worse -- it means Trump picked her to lead his campaign, knowing that this PBS roundtable where she said some terrible things about women really, truly happened.

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Here's how it went down: The military's ban on women in combat roles had just lifted, and the panelists on To the Contrary were discussing if women could physically keep up with men in war (guess what her answer to that question was).

They weren't even talking about sexual assault yet when Conway dropped this: "If we were physiologically as strong as men, rape would not be able to exist. You would be able to defend yourself and fight him off."

Oooohhhkay. So it's not about men wanting power? It's not about our society's failure to respect the sanctity of a woman's body? All the rapes where women are already unconscious -- where they're not even capable of fighting, no matter how strong they are -- just ... don't count?

We are not dogs fighting in a ring. Not everything (actually, hardly anything, and especially not sexual assault) is a battle fought solely on strength.

Also, a woman is never at fault for being raped. Never. And, hey, Conway? Calling her too weak to fight off her attacker is placing the blame squarely on her chest.

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Trump's campaign was already getting some well-deserved crap for being unable to sympathize with women's rights, especially in the case of sexual assault. And to be totally honest, naming Conway campaign manager earlier this month isn't helping their case, especially not if this is her understanding of rape.

We were sort of holding out hope that the Trump campaign would have turned around by this point, but clearly, we've had no luck so far. 


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