Students Carrying #CocksNotGlocks Make Gun Law Protests Surprisingly Fun

In the name of full disclosure, I have to admit that I don't know exactly where I stand when it comes to gun policies. But I think part of figuring that position out is trying to understand all points of view. So with that said, I get why many Texans are up in arms about the "Campus Carry" law that was put in place on August 1 -- it allows concealed handguns on college campuses, as long as the person carrying is at least 21 years old. To me, it makes sense that a group of students at University of Texas at Austin can't get behind this policy, but no matter where you stand on guns laws, it's hard to deny that their protest isn't clever. They're calling it "Cocks Not Glocks: Campus (Dildo) Carry" -- and it's pretty much exactly what it sounds like: Students are walking around carrying dildos to make people as uncomfortable as they feel walking around students with concealed weapons.


While the movement itself began last year, the organizers kicked off this school year with a big political statement. Since the law was (somewhat ironically) put into effect 50 years after there was a major massacre of students on the UT campus, the students held the rally under the clock tower where the shooting spree took place in 1966. 

The organization's site points out that they're "fighting absurdity with absurdity" -- an antiquated Texas law makes it illegal to carry dildos, but acceptable to carry guns on campus grounds. Like they said, absurdity.

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To add to the absurdity, the protesters also created witty but brutally honest signs that say things like, "You're packin' heat, I'm packin' meat." And, of course, they distributed over 5,000 dildos that were donated by local stores. Student protester Rosie Zander told the Guardian:

We wanted something fun that people could really engage in. Because it's hard to get involved in the political process at our age, people our age don't tend to vote or get involved, and this is so easy. Strap a dildo on and you're showing the Texas legislature this is not a decision we wanted.

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Ask me about my Dick #cocksnotglocks

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And although carrying concealed weapons is nothing new to Texans, some don't think that a public college campus is the place to do it. And frankly, who can blame them, knowing the US's history of violent shootings inside and outside of schools?

While some may argue that allowing students to carry could minimize the outcome of future tragedies, we must also consider that it seems like a bit of a distraction to ask students to learn in a classroom that may or may not be filled with firearms.

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It creates uncertainty in classrooms -- you just never know when someone is going to rebel and fire. In the same way that it could protect students, it could also place students in harm's way. The "Campus Carry" law makes students an easier target for random acts of terror. And that is ... well, it's absurd. 

Taking part in my right to protest. Figured there's already too many dicks in this world. #cocksnotglocks #gunfreeUT

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Perhaps when gun control laws become a bit more vigilant then I'll see it differently, but until then, it's cocks over glocks for me. 


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